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question: how many teensy-beensy bite sized snickers bars does it take to pacify a PMSing woman?

answer: i don’t know, but it’s more than five

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  1. I would have said at least 5 full size ones. Personally I need Crunchie bars for PMS, lots of them, preferably washed down with coffee. I think they should be available on prescription! 😉

  2. this would be a good thing. the only candy here at work is the little wee ones on the receptionist’s desk. i could wipe out the candy stash and still not feel better.


  3. ok, i’ve done some more research, and the answer is now, ‘i don’t know, but it’s more than 12’.

    and if i do much more research, there will be no more receptionist candy left out there. and that’s so wrong of me.

  4. i can’t be trusted around chocolate on a good day. on a pms day i could cause bodily injury to anyone who tried to stand between myself and said chocolate.
    if you find the magic number let me know, it could prevent jail time.

  5. oh, that’s another thing PMS does — it’s like the difference between just moderate-to-heavy drinking, and flat out boozehound alcoholism. for some reason, the PMSing me can’t get enough booze in its system.

    well, at least the hangovers are distracting.

  6. i was gonna say, wipe out the dish and on the way home, grab fave bottle of wine and more chocolate. tell family to find their own damn dinner and go hide in the closet and eat and drink until morning. =)

  7. I’m not a woman, so I can’t attest to PMS details, but I do know this: When I have a migraine and am raging at the world and nothing legal will stop the throbbing pulsating pain, for some odd reason chocolate will. It also, for some odd reason, takes away the headache I get when I don’t listen to the constant voice in my head that screams for coffee.

    My girlfriend knows this, and keeps a supply of after-holiday discounted chocolate santas and easter bunnys in the fridge. If I’m walking around bitching about my aching head I get a giant chocolate santa thrown at me. Chocolate is the wonder drug.

  8. well, that makes perfect sense — chocolate contains caffeine, which would cure a caffeine withdrawal head-pounding episode.

    and it contains whatever that other stuff is, (yes! it’s a drug!), that stuff that mimics the chemistry of feeling ‘love’.

    chocolate is not my favorite *flavor* but i am very fond of the high.

    i ate either 12 or 17 of those bite sized things and drank 20oz of arizona green tea with (lotsa lotsa) honey and ginseng. and i’m feeling much better. not great, but, beer awaits at home, so, i’m set.

    usually, the answer to (whatever) includes some sort of drug, doesn’t it? or maybe it’s just me.

  9. This is so eerie…I spent the day at work today suggesting that Midol with Valium would be a perfect drug to get on the market…TODAY.

    Boy, when those moods swing, they swing HARD. 🙂

  10. that would surely relieve a great deal of suffering — for the PMSers *and* the PMSees, the poor souls who cross our paths the wrong way.

  11. Quite a few, I would imagine. I found out how to make Snicker Bar Salad and have been hooked ever since. It’s so fricking good.

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