for this i went as far as the backyard. please note that this is not my fountain or my — that’s mary right? my mary. they came with the house, courtesy of chris’s mom who used to live here, and she used to insist the fountain be kept running. which is just silly — waste of water and place for buggies to breed. so it stands, on the stump, empty:

the fountain of oldness

2 thoughts on “seven-ish

  1. The Mary thing… I think those are called Madonnas. I used to collect them and have one just like yours stuck in a box somewhere. I’m sure there’s a story behind the statues but I sure don’t know it.

  2. there are more of those around here – random little shrines in the backyard, some have blown down or been knocked down by possums or kitties, gosh, we are so not gardeners, the yard is in disarray.

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