smokey would be so disappointed

the irony is almost too much for me — two forest service employees being arrested for starting two huge, devastaing fires (one to get work – can you believe it)? guy starts a fire so he could get a job, and over four hundred homes were destroyed. four hundred homes. it boggles the mind.

it always blows me away when people who are charged with taking care of something precious, are the cause of its destruction. or by extension, when a mom does something like leave two babies in a hot car to get her hair done. and then you have pilots that go out drinking before work. the common theme: people who should know better.

i don’t have anything constructive to say about this, i’m just venting a little frustration.

17 thoughts on “smokey would be so disappointed

  1. I so badly want to take the guy out who started the Arizona ones and beat the living shit out of him. I can’t believe people would do this. It’s SOOOOOOOOOO sad to look at all the destruction and know that one person caused it for totally selfish reasons.

  2. pretty much that’s how i feel — the lady with 19 years working for the forest service who started the Colorado blaze, obviously had some mental instabilities (you know, firebugs are drawn to careers like this, much like pedophiles are drawn to careers with children) but i digress — she was a bit of a loon. this guy who started the AZ fire to get a job?? evil. just evil.

  3. It is very common for pyromaniacs to be drawn to the firefighting profession. In the town where I lived there was a man who started over 13 house fires and he was not only a fireman – but a disgruntled one. horrible horrible things

  4. The whole thing is awful. Sickening. But I do think, based upon what I’ve heard, that these two people are very different and that their motivation and stupidity come from different places. The woman sounds like an utter dingbat. The man sounds like someone who was so desperate that he did something unthinkable to make what would have been a few hundred bucks. And I’m not saying that to excuse or even mitigate what he did. It’s awful. But I think there is more to his story, perhaps, that makes it an even greater tragedy. I did a little digging on the statistics on the Apache reservation where he lives. Stunning poverty and joblessness. The horrifying result is that the man’s selfish, stupid actions ultimately are costing the Apache dearly. Ugh. It just makes me sick to think of how it all began based upon the actions of two people.

  5. amazing, isn’t it? two people. all that damage. for even one home to burn to the ground, is a horrible personal tragedy for a family. that many tragedies? unimaginable.

  6. And think of the awful repercussions for the environment and the area’s wildlife. Regardless of what punishment is meted out by the court system, these two are both going to have to live with what they have done. Damn, just thinking about this is getting me worked up. grrrr

  7. I just can’t get over the completely selfish and self-centred view of the world these people have. Oh, *I’m* unemployed but I can fight fires. Why not light a few so *I* get to do some work?

  8. What about the poor folks who live in the 400 homes that were destroyed? Sometimes I really wonder how much worse the world can get, there really is just so much crap going on around us!

  9. i keep thinking about all those families, losing everything, for this one idiot’s stupidity and selfishness. how could such a thing happen? nothing that happens to him can ever come close to making up for the destruction he caused.

  10. I think that people who get hired to take care of such precious American parks should get psychologically tested, after having a “two-for-two” destruction this summer. It’s just horrifying. And there is NO REASON for it!

  11. YES! people should know better, especially GROWN-UP people…

    i hath ping-ed! it hath work-ed! i wish-ed to apply for pingy goddess status, please… w00t!! 😀

  12. agreed – about adults who play with matches – and adults who play with the lives of their children – and adults who play with the lives of their passengers – sigh!!

    but, on a nicer note – here’s a way to dress up your pen. It’s not cheap, but it sure is pretty!

  13. it’s heartbreaking isn’t it?
    i always take these sort of stories as a warning to pay more attention in my own life.

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