you would think i’d staged this, but no. it’s just an ordinary average shelf in my house, infact, it’s in my living room. that stuff … sits there. i like it there.

and i was holding the camera straight, really, i always do — it’s the world that’s crooked, ok?

shelf life

7 thoughts on “ten-ish

  1. yes! and that whole stack in the back is interesting AOL CD tins and containers and things. either (a) they will become collectible or (b) i will eventually send them off to whatever that project is, nomoreaolcds.com or something?

    there’s a reason i’m saving everything.

  2. in the middle, vanilla fields. on the left, some sort of calvin klein — escape? eternity? something like that.

  3. I think this is my favorite of your pics. I’ve liked the clutter shots from everyone though…i’m just glad to know others live like I do.

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