i stayed while they hooked up the trailer, mainly following my dad around and asking pointy questions about if you took the cost of buying an RV every five years or so (he said, you don’t have to do that and i said, but you do) and add the maintenance and gas, you could stay in five star hotels and have room service, and never have to disconnect sewage lines and do all this work! and he said, it’s not work, as he got down on the ground and scooted under to unhook something damp. it’s not work — i had my answer.

here, i got a rather nice shot of him hooking up the trailer fifth wheeler. i remember my mom having to back him up over and over with the old style hitch. this is a do-it-yourself thing:

making the hookup

note: the 11am pic has just been taken and will be up momentarily. whee, this is a fun ride.

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