so, i haven’t done enough with macro mode to be screwing with it now. apparently, the focus capabilities are … not good enough to get up right in a rose’s face and get some definition on the petals. so i’ll just say this one’s an artsy-type flower picture, k?

blurry rose

and, guess what? going to have to go harvest some less-dead batteries now. shoulda thought of this beforehand, you know?

8 thoughts on “three-ish

  1. if i could find my rechargables (i have some nice NIMH ones), well, that would be one thing. they are in one toy or another, somewhere, i’m sure. not that i wanted my expensive batteries in soon-to-be-forgotten toys, but, well, there they are.

  2. Blurry rose sounds like the title of a country song—where the man/woman sees the former lover in his/her true light. Whether they stay together or not could make up the bridge.

  3. ooh! and there could be drinkin’ involved — the rose gets blurry seen through the beer or something.

  4. Most macros have a limit, my digital only will focus up to 2″ away from the subject. The trick is to back away distancewise (so you get enough room) and then zoom in (with the lense if you can, not digitally which is just cropping). That way you can get shots that look like you have the lens pressed against the subject, and it still comes out focused.

  5. ahh, zoom lens. i … *sob* i don’t have one. i have an old digicam purchased on payments for more than it’s worth, and … i haven’t even paid this one off, so getting another one is like …


    i want a zooming camera so very, very, very badly.

  6. I don’t zoom with mine, and as you can see from my photos I just figured out how to use my zoom during this project! I snapped as close as about 4 inches today, and it came out really clear. Yeah for macro!

  7. someday i will pay off this camera. and i will get one that zooms, almost immediately. or as soon as possible. i’m as desperate as a person can be, for something that is a luxury, really.

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