Mayor Calls For Firing Of Inglewood Officer Videotaped Hitting Teen

Outside, dozens of angry protesters shouted, “No justice, no peace.”, emphasizing the point i was just making in the previous post‘s comments, which is that while the incident itself may or may not be racially motivated, the public will not separate the combatants from the context, and say, this was just a teenage child resisting arrest, and an officer of the law subduing said juvenile. the public sees an act of violence by an extremely large, angry, white cop against a black child perhaps half his size. and the public reacts more viscerally than logically, and this is a fact that needs to be dealt with.

and the question of ‘what happened before the tape’ is really rather moot, isn’t it? we know logically that hitting a cop means the cop will kick your ass. but it’s against the cop’s rules (that’s why he did it on the trunk and not the hood, where the dashboard camera could see). it may be standard practice, but it’s wrong, and he got caught. he should lose his job.

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  1. having a day-long debate with people from all over is an excellent way to find clarity. i did a lot of blurting and meandering along the way, that’s for sure.

    and, thanks!

  2. I finally saw the tape, and I agree that there is no excuse for the one officer’s behaviour. They did show how the other officer’s were grabbing at the hands of the bad cop to stop him from hitting the kid. I don’t know that his actions were racially motivated, but whatever the motivation, he shouldn’t have a badge and a gun.

  3. personally? i think it was more blind rage than racism. either way, agreed, take away shiny thing and the thing that goes bang, this man does not have the ability to handle himself in posession of that kind of power.

  4. I just find it interesting that the vast majority of brutality cases are against minorities. I’m not saying that this instance is racially motivated but the skin color of the kid may have made it racially allowable.

    f the police coming straight from the underground, a young n*gga got it bad cuz I’m brown and not the other color so police think, they have the authority to kill a minority.

  5. i just saw this part:

    The teen was booked for investigation of assault on a peace officer after the incident. The family’s lawyer, Joe Hopkins, said the teen is developmentally disabled and a special education student with no arrest record.

    oh. my. god. that poor child.

    hey, they have gas station surveillance footage to review! this is going to be getting interesting. the article also states that other blacks have reported being handcuffed and beaten by the big white cop.

    the plot does thicken. oh yes it does.

  6. not suprising, it seems that the ape-like man in blue has priors. this is just the first caught on tape but reports have been filed against him in the past. so it’s safe to say he’s through now.i think he has a problem with skinny black guys. maybe he should be handcuffed and locked in a room with micheal jackson. oh, wait. no. that wouldn’t really work, would it?

  7. That’s even making the papers over here in flyoverland.

    When I was going to school my roommate was going to school for Police Science. College kids drink a lot, and I seemed to end up getting my face rubbed into the carpet a lot by the Police Science major after getting drunk and harrassing him. Well, about a year after that I heard he was on trial for bouncing some kid’s head off the hood ornament of a squad car.

    All cops aren’t bad, but some people just get into the profession for all the wrong reasons, like the need to beat the living daylights out of people…

  8. hmmm… no one here has mentioned that the cop was bleeding from a gash across his forehead. don’t ya have to wonder how that happened?

    and being developmentally disabled is just another excuse for many to get another few hundred dollars from the welfare system. sick, yah.

    i have a lot of doubts and wonders about this one.

  9. gash or no gash. when you have the suspect handcuffed and subdued, you do not slam his head against a police car, then punch him in the head.

    and that wasn’t really a gash, if you think about it. headwounds bleed profusely. that was a scratch.

    and as a cop he is charged with the responsibility of *not* beating handcuffed suspects, even if he got a scratch. and for god’s sake look at the size of the cop, vs the size of the boy. have you watched the video? do you think a scratch is worthy of that brutality? look, i’ve been punched in the head. i know what it feels like. no way a boy that size could ever do anything to a cop that size, that would merit being punched in the head.

  10. and the other cops were trying to pull him off. that should be a big tip-off that what he was doing was wrong.

  11. Fight the power, KD! 🙂 I’m not making fun of you, I’m used to it. We have what we call “garrison” communities here. Real rough neighbourhoods. Anyway, the cops here went into one last July. The may or may not hava had a shot or two fired upon them. The set up a post with a “commanding view” of the area (their words) and they shot at everything that moved for about three days. They would stick their M-16s out of the window (not looking, mind you) and empty the magazine. This was on TV. At the end of all this 27 people were dead. Many more were wounded. Not one known gunman was killed. Instead, they shot a few mad people, at least one kid, and a bunch of people who ventured oudoors to buy food (remember, they were under seige for three days). Due to the public outcry, there was an inquest into the activities of the police. They were found to have done nothing wrong!
    It was reported that the man who commanded them was giving evidence. He said something about them killing people who had shot at them. Someone replied to him that here, people are assumed innocent until proven guilty. He replied “You are splitting hairs.” He is also reported to have said that anyone who watches or films a police operation is obstructing justice. As a talk show host said, can you imagine what he’d have got up to if the TV crews weren’t there.

    Some here revere him as the nations’s best crime fighter…

  12. Racism is the curse of this country. And whether or not the cop beat the kid for racist reasons, it will be perceived that way because of all the other racism in this country. If we don’t figure out how to get over the history (reparations, maybe?) we are doomed to a racist society and to have no justice, and no peace.

  13. wow, Linda.

    #1 – Kid is in special education.
    #2 – He’s not real expressive. Couldn’t really put together much of a sentence on Connie Chung tonight. Doubtful that he did much except maybe freak out when 8 police officers surrounded his dad. Who was only charged with driving with a suspended license mind you, not much in the way of hardened criminal activity.
    #3 – Kid has never been in trouble with the law or anyone else for that matter.
    #4 – Police Officer Hitemupstyle has been accused, recently, of excessive force.
    #5 – Once the cuffs are on, the discussion is over.

    I support my local PD, the po po have always treated me with respect and I, in return, but a crime is a crime wearing a badge or not. Its probably a greater crime.

    And it saddens me that the assumption is that the kid must’ve been doing something that ‘deserved’ a beat down…what’s that all about?

  14. I can tell you, after years of working closely with law enforcement and sharing my life with a law enforcement officer, as well as having a brother that’s a cop, what that officer did was, without question, absolutely a violation of the suspect’s rights as well as a breach of policy pertinent to every law enforcement department across our country – “Minimum amount of force necessary to effect an arrest”, as our local policy states.

    He should not only lose his job, but he should be charged criminally. I do have to commend the other officers on the tape for attempting to intervene. Let’s give credit where credit is due. And also, keep in mind that the majority of law enforcement officers in this country do not abuse their power as this officer did. I hate it that an incident like this makes the whole lot of them look bad. I know cops that are disgusted by what they’ve seen on that tape.

  15. thanks, Tess, i did overlook that aspect in my post, and i shouldn’t have. i am very very glad that the other cops did intervene, because it could have been worse.

    and i’m glad they caught that guy on tape, and that he’ll face consequences. they really ought to throw the book at him.

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