weirdness prevails

maybe the weird mood is from the dream i had last night (well, this morning really, i more or less slept or dozed till 11) about Elvis. i was back in time, young, but with the mind i have today, and the knowledge i was back in time. that was good. there were islands, probably off Hawaii, and a strange sort of bridge thing and the standard weird house with many rooms and strange passageways, all built over water. and then there was the other island, the tourist place that was often flooded.

oh, it was weirder than i can describe, and the dream i had after, when i fell back asleep, was about trying to remember the dream so i could blog it.

it also featured perhaps the grossest and most bizarre dream sequence that i’ve ever experienced. way too gross to post here.

but the mood today is excessively bizarre. kidlet is playing digimon rumble arena in a tshirt, undies, and fuzzy slippers, and dancing around as he battles the digimon battles. kitty is twitchy and alert on the porch, who knows what he might be wanting to pounce on and bring in to play with *shudder*. everyone is a little crazier than usual today.

14 thoughts on “weirdness prevails

  1. I can’t resist passing this along. On “Wait Wait, Don’t Tell Me,” NPR’s news quiz, a question about the T.I.P.S. program led off by explaining the initials thusly: The Inevitable Police State.

  2. oh yeah, and the islands? they were very teeny islands, they seemed to be neer hawaii, but weren’t actual hawaii. the touristy one was maybe the size of a mall. i remember i was wandering around wondering about the flooding, and why an auto shop would have service bays that sunk down like 20 feet.

    it was weird. not as weird as a freakishly tall, naked, potbellied elvis asking me to … uh, never mind. i’m apparently a very, very sick girl.

  3. oh, kitty has *major* issues. last night i came home and found that he located the (now dead) moth and was making a meal of it. i made him come in the house and eat real food, not wanting to be cleaning up bug-puke at 3am. he was quite upset and has been twitchy ever since.

    ooh, Linkmeister, i’m thrilled to find that Fosters is Australian for beer. well, sort of. they’re proud of it at least.

    now i need another can. wash naked elvis out of my brain.

  4. just this morning, I had a dream that Burgess Meredith was trying to have sex with me while tripping on acid (he was on acid, not me.) and that’s just the part I’m willing to share…

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