after the fact

one more addition to the poesy category: this, written 06may00. tonight reminded me of it in a way. for obvious reasons, yes, and some not so obvious.

after the fact

i was finding
 existence costly;
i named two
 kittens: widget
   and dweezil.
i waited hours with
 childlike malevolence &
   a sense of
fear was, as
 always, an influence
   on me & these
dubious reasons why i
 was willing &
& left, variously, with
 these facts, all
   nuanced & inconclusive
& no answers.


5 thoughts on “after the fact

  1. I tried it and came up with:
    shot from THE monitor . my bellybutton with it all
    i felt like the
    spelling and could
    have permanent scars from when the hollow needle
    and then got
    a trip to use it. makes me
    is Some cool old VW bus?
    guessing mid ? kind of
    If there were any good
    ideas on certain concepts. Like a
    brand new York City I think about mankind? Posted
    by and my father if
    anybody guess the pilots killed
    Canadians!!! selur dnuorgrednu tevlev eht Damn,
    another weekend

  2. oh, that one wasn’t generated. i actually wrote that. you know, deliberately.

    but the poemgen thingy is great, isn’t it? i’m so glad i’ve got other people posting again. more blogs = more words to randomize = fun.

  3. You mean, when we enter a URL and hit the button, you quickly compose something on the spot and put it on our screen? Damn, you’re fast. It only took a couple of seconds.

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