and on goes the water

pills just kicked in. warm. was considering going to the daughter-graduation from massage school which is at 6 but i would have had to drag the kindergartener and he was already fidgety and whiny from having to spend the afternoon at my work, and would be unmanageable at a serious event. however this *is* really important, and i was really up in the air over the issue (or the opiates, one or the other) and then i heard the water. this seals it. the child is now armed with a hose (i.e., unapproachable) and hopelessly muddy by now.

it’s such a helpless feeling hearing the water running full force and splashing all over the place, knowing i can do nothing but wait it out unless i want to get really, really wet. and i don’t. it’s now been something like 15 minutes, and the water just went off. imagine the mud.

5 thoughts on “and on goes the water

  1. wow, i haven’t made mudpies in forever. how could i have forgotten? however, not really up to that right now *sigh*.

  2. What pills did you get? Send me some. My back is killing me!!! Hey, but I do sympathize with your ache, kd. There is no pain worse than that.

  3. you know i was just thinking about that — tooth pain. i had some root canals by Dr. Butcher’s Western Dental, and they totally did something nasty to my already messed up jaw nerves (shot novocaine right in ’em i think, which irritated them bad for days) anyway i was flat on my back for three days couldn’t lift my head, whimpering and eating pain pills like candy. i was never out of pain, but passed out a few times.

    that was so much worse than labor. worst thing ever.

    ‘splains some of the dentist fear, yes?

  4. Yeah, I would say that accounts for it. I had a bad experience with one too, and I cry in the dental chair now. Fortunately, my current dentist is a sweetheart, and he pets my head and tells me it’s gonna be okay.

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