blogcon pix

still tired. should get to bed at a decent hour but probably already a little late for that. so. here we go with what i’ve got, which is not alot, but anyway:

mardi gras beads

big neon margarita glass

much drinking

hoopty and krix

classic hoopty

glitter girls

Tam and Jamie at the shaving

the cake

T & J ready to cut the cake

T & J cutting the cake

T & J feeding cake to one another


fun with shaving

plugging the shave sponsor

the shaved j

r&b band singing i’ve got friends in low places

obligatory shot of the big baker thermometer

now, it’s like, off to bed with my tired butt.

17 thoughts on “blogcon pix

  1. Chicken Little (She’s the blonde, right?) makes me wanna be a lesbian …
    Oh wait… I am one! (Except trapped in the body of a guy. Damn.)

  2. she’s even more gorgeous in person — she had to put on her coat at the restaurant because the poor waiter kept dropping things and forgetting what he was doing.

  3. Who is who! Who are the people in the group shot with the drinks? Who are the chicks in the “hotties” picture? The “Glitter Girls”? I know who some people are (like you could miss Hoopty?) but I don’t know who everyone else is. Tell me! 🙂 Oh – and thanks for sharing the pictures!

  4. glitter girls are, left to right, krix, Chicken Little, and Suzie (bedside manner).

    much drinking is: krix, Chicken, Suzie, Jill, nerdboy mikey in the blue shirt you can barely see, and CC and Jenny from australia.

    hotties are Chicken and Suzie. the camera did not capture their glitter. but you should have seen them shine.

  5. oh my god!!! I totally promised a pic of you and I for donna. Holy shit!!!

    Okay, Santa Monica. We’ll have to do a special shoot just for her.

  6. damn, i’m only in ONE picture? and mostly obscured, at that (i’m only visible because of my rockin shirt). geez, you must not like me…

    either that, or the fact that i ducked every time someone pointed a camera in my direction.

    and i looooove the picture of the thermometer! for those who don’t know, it’s the tallest thermometer in the world… woo hoo!

  7. sigh…are you sure we can’t do it all again this weekend?
    I would seriously consider coming to Santa Monica, but considering that the person who covered for me last Saturday had *one* thing to do and they screwed it up to the tune of $2,500 (only on paper, thank god) I don’t think I’ll get another day off for a while.

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