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  1. That’s great. Reminds me of an still image that nerdwoman did. I’ll have to see if she still has that available since she took down her blog.

  2. I was kinda wondering… I’ve been following the whole Davezilla thing…do you think that C&D letter may have been a ploy to get Dave to cough up some cash for “licensing”? That maybe they’re mad that he’s getting all this attention and they aren’t cashing in on it? I mean, last night alone, I saw at least 2 godzilla references. One is the M&M commercial with the giant yellow M&M running amok in a Japanese city looking for a bag of purple M&Ms, and the episode of “Son of the Beach” (Andy wanted to watch it) was about a godzilla-sized rooster, and the sound effects were the same sound clips from the old Godzilla movies. I mentioned the whole Davezilla vs. M&M thing to Andy, who said that the commercial & TV show got permission and had to pay, etc. I mean, what better way to self-promote, even though Davezilla and that company have nothing in common, then to piss off everyone in cyberspace?

    Oh, and Faith’s clip has got to be the funniest thing I’ve seen in a very, very long time.

  3. Shelby, i think you have a very good point. it’s also been theorized that this is a first step that will lead to going after Mozilla, which also has a lizardy thing in its logo. i think they are testing the waters to see how their claim will hold up. however, with all the various Zillas out there, it could be argued that, much like band-aids and kleenex, it’s not so much a brand anymore, as a part of our language.

    although i’m very very foggy on the facts, i think kleenex or band-aids lost some kind of case based on the fact their brand had become common in language. or something.

    and yes, Faith is brilliant, isn’t she?

  4. i could watch it over and over again. but i have a feeling she’s going to be getting bandwidth emergencies over this one. so i contain myself.

  5. Maybe it’s my slightly inebriated state… but I don’t get it. So when did the space aliens tell the guy that he was the son of David Schwimmer?

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