don’t ask, don’t tell

i love jack in the box tacos. they’re so utterly bad for you, so completely greasy, the meat product in the bottom so terribly mysterious in origin — you just know this stuff requires a hazmat license to transport across state lines.

and i love it. i don’t wanna know what’s in the things, but they are simply exquisite, as far as something two for ninety-nine cents, that i can pay for with ashtray change. you can’t beat that with a stick. and the damn things give you such amazing heartburn, which keeps the afternoon hunger pangs down to a minimum.

yes, yes, i know, i should read fast food nation and all that. but i don’t wanna know. i mean, i’m pretty sure there isn’t anything that they wouldn’t put in these fifty cent craptastic masterpieces of fastfoodsmanship, and i’m totally ok with that.

23 thoughts on “don’t ask, don’t tell

  1. oh yeah. and hotdogs are so good! just have to put it out of your mind, much like knowing the FDA has a limit for bugparts that can be in food, and it’s above zero bugparts. we eat bugs all the time.

    but as clearly as i know that, it just floats out of my mind when it’s time to eat. amazing, that.

  2. I join in applause for the Jack tacos. Cheap, filling, and the little sauce packets, once squoze, just ooze out all over everywhere. Oh, and the recent commercials for the chain are positively hilarious.

  3. I’ve never had JITB before. But, I’ve had similar, ya know? And I’ve also skimmed Fast Food Nation. It didn’t do too much for me, to be honest. I love tasty shit that’s bad for me way to much to be bothered by some gruesome little details.

  4. I just don’t like the taste of Jack’s tacos. I do agree that they cause heartburn, but I try to avoid that whenever possible. Give me the bland taste of Taco Bell tacos anyday over Jack-in-the-box. And Gorditas rule!

  5. gorditas are indeed good. but for the price of one of those you could have three JB tacos. so if you have change in your ashtray and can get to JB, you know you can get fed. and stay fed all afternoon (the heartburn’s not horrible, just, a warm comfortable feeling that you’re just a little on fire)

  6. Forget Jack-In-The-Box; would you please go eat at In-&-Out Burger for me? It’s like I’m pining for a lover here in Ohio…

  7. craptastic!!! yeah!! i harbor a secret love of taco bell..and i have been bummed because it seems like they have gotten kind of expensive…i miss jack! and his freaky-ass commercials! come back to tulsa, jack!

  8. Aha! Donna has voiced a complaint we have had in Hawai’i forever! Damned ads on national TV for restaurants that don’t yet have an outlet in the local neighborhood (or even in the State)! We suffered for years watching Red Lobster ads; the first one got here only five (or so) years ago. The current one we don’t have that we see lots of is Sonic; we briefly had a Long John Silvers, but it failed. T’ain’t fair!

  9. My particular weakness is red meat. Rare. Warm it. I know in the secret places in my soul that it has to be bad, terrible, horrible, but I turn my nose up at the news and stoically ignore it all.

    I have to die from something. Give me tacos, drugs, and fast cars.

  10. Jack in the Box must be one of those “California things”, like Karl’s Jr. We here in flyoverland only have Taco Bells and Taco Johns. I actually make my checks out to Taco Hell, and Taco Bell always takes it.

  11. “tacos, drugs, and fast cars”

    say amen and pass the salsa. mmhmm.

    i thought jack in the box was all over the place?

  12. See, I actually used to work at Taco Bell. I could ruin that for anyone. But I choose not to. All hail my munifecence. I gotta go look at pictures now. Man, I’m drained.

  13. meat scare, hmm? that is some scary meat (or whatever it is) they put in those tacos. actually, it’s more grease-like than meat-like.

    but it still tastes really good.

  14. and that’s just good science — greasy food makes the hangover feel better. greasy food and lotsa water, get you feeling better in no time. not that i have any particular expertise in that area or anything…

  15. Oh my God.. I haven’t had Jack-In-the-Box in years! I thought they were gone. Now I’m jonesin’ and I don’t know what I’m going to do… =)

  16. i have bagels here, and they are good bagels, but this continued talk of greasy tacos makes me want to go to taco bell.

    the best way to do this, is two tacos and three stuffed jalapenos. oh man.

    great. now i’m drooling. back in a little while!

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