it’s late. whatever.

i envision. i picture myself on the drive to vegas. alone in the largeness of buick leather comfort, stereo very loud, every window very open. singing and spilling music into the desert night, thrilled at the prospect of connecting with all these friends. descending into vegas, the lights. the lights. the sight of the lights, thrilling.

and i love to drive. how else would i get there but in the car? my car’s not the best car but i love my car, and it’s a car you can love to drive. dynaride, baby.

i’m very excited about driving there in the night, i’ll be there two weeks from now, and two weeks from a few hours ago, i’ll be driving through the desert night.

13 thoughts on “driving

  1. oh, Toxic, i’m bummed about that, but glad you’re on the mend. and yes, lots and lots of pictures.

    especially if i’m stopped by a herd of rabbits. that sounds like the photo op of a lifetime — bunnies in the headlights, as far as you can see. whoa. this is going to be cooler than i thought.

  2. That is one of my all-time favorite passtimes.

    Road trips, in general, are, but particularly desert drives. Oh yes.

    Don’t forget a survival kit. Water water water and some food. Just in case.

  3. oh yeah. lots and *lotes* of water, and the usual survivalist gear i generally have in my trunk at all times, and some food.

  4. Well, here’s the thing about the rabbits….I had to go like 2 m.p.h., like I said. Their beady little eyes glowing red in the headlights, their BIG jackalope ears waving, and man, I was so nervous I clamped a cigarette between my teeth, punched in the cigarette lighter, and kept creeping along, making my way through the menacing sea. Then the cigarette lighter pops out, I take my eyes off the road for just a microsecond, but….BUH-BUMP. Slow-speed bunny kill. Way more gross than a high-speed little thump.

  5. Yikes, I don’t think I’ve ever clicked the “comment” link faster than I did just now. (I’m feeling oddly Mother Hen-ish. Bear with me). If you’ve made this drive before, kd, then you know about the rabbits….(“Tell me about the rabbits, George…”) THEY’RE HUGE and they travel IN HERDS. Like, cattle drive type herds. Be careful! Many years ago I was a publisher’s sales rep, and I was driving up to Vegas from Phoenix. I love to drive too, and I had a good, sturdy car. And I specifically wanted to make that drive at night, under the stars, the desert stretching out all around me. The trip was 99% awe-inspiring. Transcendental, really. Then the rabbits….Suddenly, I had to hit the brakes….they were all over the road, just hanging out. Had to drive at like 2 m.p.h., for quite some time. Sorry to go on & on–just want you to travel safely!

  6. ha ha! the rabbits. i once lived in St. George, UT–about an hour and a half from Vegas. we drove in from the other direction, but still…we saw the bunnies. with huuuuge fangs! ha ha!

  7. Ah, 1974. Driving from Tucson to LA, starting at 11:30pm (because my damned girlfriend and her car were six hours late picking me up) and arriving in Riverside at 7:00am on a Friday morning, crawling for the next three hours on I-10 to get to Santa Monica. Dying in a hotel room for about 3 hours until we had to get up to get to the King Tut exhibit (tickets were for specific times; use it or lose it) at the museum on Wilshire.

    Mind the rabbits, but worse, the Jackalopes!

  8. Wow..
    Rabbits with fangs, Jackalopes, driving in the night to Vegas..
    Sounds great to me!!!
    Sorry I’m gonna miss BlogCon..
    Please take lots of pics, okay??

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