drunk in vegas, baby

i’ve just been drunk in a bar with hoopty, krix, Jamie, and nerdboy mikey. most of us were completely draped in mardi gras beads. and we were nowhere near the most unusual people in the place, trust me on that one. an R&B band played ‘i’ve got friends in low places’. this is just so surreal. i have pictures. i even called my daughter just to tell her i was drunk in a bar in las vegas. she didn’t mind, she wishes she was here.

for all of you not here, i wish you were. i fear that blogging the whole event will be entirely beyond me, as far as what wonderfully weird things are going on.

* * *

update: sitting in the foopty circus room (we’re live on that cam there) with hoopty and krix and Jenny and CC.

17 thoughts on “drunk in vegas, baby

  1. *flips coin to determine if the artist formerly known as the gOdOfMiScHiEf should make a surprise cameo Saturday night and bunk in with friends in nearby Henderson NV*

    I’m having a hard time trying to figure out if everyone’s having a good time or not as everyone’s posts are so… uhm “not-telling”.

    If the coin lands on tails, I’m just going to start making stuff up on my site. :0)

  2. ooh! Jamie in the santapants!

    and no, Toxic, i’m not here to gamble. just hang out, drink, and … hang out. and drink. and take lotsa pictures.

  3. kd, someone needs to call my ass at 11 am so I get there in time for shavehoopty. I don’t have an alarm clock.

  4. I wish everyone were here too!
    And Monday is gonna be so damn hard…
    No no no – not even thinking of it….

  5. i shall make sure i call krix — i’m pretty sure i’ll be snoozing till then, catching a nap while i can (although last night’s nice solid 3 1/2 hours of sleep was the best i had so far). there are of course some events i will miss, doing this, but the schedule is so, so busy. the schedule is much busier than i’m capable of being.

  6. D’oh. Kind of wishing I was there… Either way, give my best to everyone and tell them what a cool person I am in realtime. 🙂

    When you get back, if you could help me out with this redesign/upgrade, I’d really appreciate that. Greymatter is seriously screwing up and giving me all kinds of errors, so I believe it’s time to get MT, since I don’t know how long it’ll be able to keep posting with all these internal errors it keeps generating that I don’t understand.

  7. Unless that took twenty minutes to type, I question your level of drunkenness. Or have you found the antidote I was looking for during thirty years of beer drinking? 😉

  8. there will be pictures, but other people will have more of them than i do.

    sorry for the lack of updates, vegas is exhausting. about to hit the road here.

  9. an R&B band playing “friends in low places”… yeah, i still can’t get over that. hey, at least they didn’t do the achy breaky…

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