first day pictures

they lined up, and marched into class. kindergarten classrooms are very cool places. there were kleenex and cookes afterwards for the sniffly mommies (and daddies, i suppose, but kurt’s daddy didn’t go). do wish i coulda been there, but work …

picking him up today, i did notice that, in spite of my worries, he’s not particularly hyper or wild. the other boys are pretty much the same. they’re little boys.

well, not so little anymore …

14 thoughts on “first day pictures

  1. that first picture is so scary. that’s when it all happens. that’s when we assimilate. it’s all happening to Kurtwood. Oh how I want to rescue him and eat ice cream and dance to the bongo.

  2. but he loves school. it has to be orderly, 5 year olds are all little maniacs.

    *sigh* that is rather a scary image though.

    hey, today they all sang songs! that’s pretty good.

  3. I like the Kleenex and cookies idea too, but what I am really curious about is how many other pix of those kids made it to the ‘Net already? Did you see all those cameras in the marching pic?

  4. Kindergarten is so fun. I took about three rolls of film when the Kid started, even though he’d been a daycare baby since 5 months. First grade was sad since he seemed so little. This year in 2nd grade, he only wanted me to carry his backpack with all the supplies, unload them and leave. No last-minute kisses, just, “Bye, Mom. Don’t you have to go to work now?”

    I took no pictures.

    I cried in the car on the way home.

  5. I bawled when Aaron started kindergarten–and I’ve done it pretty much every grade thereafter. LOL (privately, so as not to embarass The Dude. hee) He’s starting 8th this year and I get weepy thinking about it. All these milestones.

    I’m glad Kurtwood likes it. 😀

  6. Seeing those pictures reminded me of how I felt on the first day of school. I wish I could recapture that feeling and live my whole life with that kind of excitement and fun. I’m going to try my best 🙂

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