free upgrade

budget guy: i’m giving you a free upgrade
me (thinking): mustang!
budget guy: it’s a ford taurus. it’s brand new.
me (thinking): that’s an upgrade?

but it’s nice. it’s red. it’s got 350 miles on it. it’s got power everything and a little remote control thingy and even shiny aluminum wheels and i think that’s leather.

oh. and a six disc in-dash cd player.


12 thoughts on “free upgrade

  1. You go, girl! (will someone explain to me what the need for a remote control thingy is in a car, even if it were as big as a Lincoln, much less a Taurus?)

  2. Oh man! I’m totally freaking out now. I really hate that we both have to work tomorrow and I won’t get there until Saturday. waaaaaaaaaaa!

    Ok, tantrum is offically over, because I’m just too excited to be upset. LOL BE safe!

  3. Ohhhhhhh. I am soooooo happy for you! there is nothing like a NEW thing……. even if it is only NEW to you…. I hope that it works out well. Thinking of you … Now be safe little lady…… hee hee.

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