i am a different person every day

and no, this is not one of those self-helpy affirmation-type thingys. it’s a fact, based upon long term empirical observation of my reactions. i’m different today than i was yesterday or last week, on a very visceral chemical level. not that i’m completely different and new every single day, i just fluctuate between several disparate compositions.

ok here’s what i mean. i have an assortment of calvin klein fragrances my daughter gave me for my last birthday. obsession, truth, contradiction, eternity, escape, and ckone. i have some cool avon stuff and some vanilla fields as well, real basic stuff. and i like them all. just not all at one time.

in the morning, i will open the cap of several different fragrances and sniff the nozzle. and on different days, i react completely differently. today, eternity smelled just lovely, while on other days, i’ll sniff it and actually recoil in disgust. today, it was that way with truth — ugh. it stank.

so whatever it is in me that thinks things smell good or bad, is completely different on different days, no real cycle or pattern that i’ve observed, just, very different.

11 thoughts on “i am a different person every day

  1. Seriously, I’ve heard that the sense of smell in females fluctuates according to where they are in their menstrual cycle. I can’t remember where I heard this or any further details, but it had to do with chemical levels.

  2. i’ve never actually plotted out when i like the different fragrance, and when i think they stink to high heaven, but there probably is some pattern, and i wouldn’t doubt it’s hormones.

    and the comments didn’t recognize you because this is, technically, a whole different blog. it looks the same, and it includes the old blog, but it’s new.

    me and my blog, we go through some changes, yes we do.

  3. Hmmmm….. I may have the male equivalent: Some days MGD just doesn’t smell right, but Corona is perfect.

    Then again…

  4. men have hormonal cycles too you know, Dan, they just don’t have that handy monthly reminder to gauge the ups-and-downs.

  5. I often have the it-smelled-so-good-in-the-store-why’s-it-now-smelling-like-ass syndrome with the perfume I get. I can blame that on my cycle too? I have one favorite that no one likes, it’s the J Crew perfume, can’t remember the name. I’ve begun to think that if I find a man that likes it, he will be the One. Right? Pheremones or something? Right?

  6. Not too get all fuzzy about it or anything, but to know and claim that you are a different person each day is major self awareness. Some people never get there. We all knew you were the coolest, kd.

    hope this posts…

  7. Perfume is always a chemical reaction between the actual perfume in the bottle and your own chemistry, and our chemical levels vary from day-to-day as a plain result of living – what we eat, how stressed we are, what we smell, and yes, our hormone levels.

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