i talk to a stranger

a stranger talked to me at von’s today. which is quite unusual, i’m fairly invisible as things go. but my car isn’t invisible. well, it kind of is. i mean, gray seven year old buick you know. but the license plates are certainly remarkable.

he walks over, says ‘i bet a lot of people wanted that plate’ and i told him that yes, i was extremely pleased to find them available as late as november of 2000. and he said, so you have a website? please note that all this is extremely awkward-sounding, i’m not the most conversationally fluent person. briefly it occurred to me to tell him the URL and then i thought, no, not one of those conversations where you try to explain to the uninitiated what a blog is… anyway, i told him i yeah, i do, and i also do this for a living and i also spend all the rest of my time online, only going out for supplies (indicating groceries in my hand). he agreed with that thought, and we awkwardly took our leave of the conversation.

if he didn’t think only leaving the house/internet for supplies was weird, maybe i should have given him my URL.

12 thoughts on “i talk to a stranger

  1. Ummm…. It’s not so much that a stranger talked to you, but that you conversed with someone out of the blue!

    I mean, that almost sounds like socialization…


  2. it was totally weird. my brain’s not wired for that sort of thing. but i did ok. except i wish i’d mentioned my blog. because, that’s way more me than … conversations and stuff. in r/l.

    oy. i should work more on this. i actually thought the plates would be more of a catalyst for conversation than they have been. you’d think that would be a big geek draw. but apparently, geeks are the quiet sort, mostly.

  3. I’m the same way kd. I can talk all day long online, with just about anybody, but put me out in “the real world” and I would gratefully like to fade into the background. Luckily for me Safeway is starting delivery, thus no more leaving the house for groceries! Yay!

    “if he didn’t think only leaving the house/internet for supplies was weird, maybe i should have given him my URL.”

    You might want to be careful about that. He might be a part of some cult. He might think it’s normal, because he only comes into town once or twice a year to get supplies for his wives and children. 😉

  4. they only have hearts and waving hands in CA. no plus signs. and how would i know anyway? i don’t get into the C, C ++, C# argument. it’s all whatever to me.

    it’s ok. my plates rock. i have no complaints. it’s so *me*

  5. wow… somebody “talked” to you about your plates? I usually get people pointing and trying to figure out mine… Nobody ever seems to talk to me about mine. I thought mine would have been a big geek draw too… but alas, no.

  6. oops sorry… i thought i had. They say urlgrl. I figured you had to be geeky to get it. Guess i was wrong. either that or just not enough geeks in my neighborhood. Just old people pointing and mouthing the plates.

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