oy vey. you know i’m no longer into the sex right? i’ve no desire. so it goes like this: (he) i’ve just got the boy to bed. let’s … (me) i’m busy now, i have to install a copy of movable type, and i have these pictures to upload. (he) i have to install a copy of penis.

(me) oy vey.

(thank goodness he didn’t use any upload euphemisms)

11 thoughts on “installations

  1. I know what you mean.
    Other, more palpable factors, are myriad too.
    Like: what kind of sex is being suggested here (and verbal suggestions are so so so not gonna get it) – animal lust sex, comfy routine sex, romantic sex, existential nihilistic sex, sex with strangers whose name you didn’t quite catch…

    Has he just showered or is he sweaty and covered with loose hairs?

    When I am skinny (meaning at my fighting weight, which is something like 10lb over what is widely advertised as ideal) I am much more sexual. Similarly when I am sleep deprived, or in the couple days before my period, or otherwise not quite content. They say that libido and seratonin channels are very closely related, so most antidepressents leave you pretty nonplussed when it comes to the nasty. Man we’re complicated.

  2. ugh. I love what people attempt to pass off as foreplay these days. My standard response to crap like that is “Ooh, baby…you are really turning me on now!”

  3. honestly it’s not his fault. he would be quite willing to do whatever, it’s not him, it really is me. the way he acts now is in direct response to the ‘let’s get this over with’ attitude i have.

    i do suspect i have deeper, non-sexual issues that have created this mental block against intimacy. it’s more than just this.

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