it’s a school night

don’t know how many times we’ve told the boy that as he bounced around the house this evening. because tomorrow is his first day in kindergarten.

i wanted to write something eloquent but instead i’ll just sigh heavily and go upload some blogcon photos.

8 thoughts on “it’s a school night

  1. no sir. that one’s a secret. and i still have some perl mods to upload, i didn’t have them handy.

    thanks for the reminder, we have to get that going.

  2. Hope the little guy is having a good day in kindergarden today. Man oh man I wish I was just starting school. It would be nice to live a little kid life again and not have the worries and hassles of reality.

  3. oh amen to that stactey. god, remember how when we were little, we *wanted* to be all grown up? sheesh. what were we thinking.

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