it’s in the refrigerator

the eggs are coolin’, and the butter’s gettin’ hard.

*sigh* i’m not a big basketball fan, but over the years, being one of those girls that gets interested in sports in the context of having stuff in common with a boyfriend (in the early years, at least) i’ve watched my share of laker games. and Chick Hearn calling the game is one of those things that’s so part of watching lakers…

and this morning his surgeon classified his condition as “one step beyond critical”. prodded to define that, the doctor said, “grave”.

it’s not looking very good for Chick, but who knows, maybe he’ll come out of this and be back behind the microphone?

who knew i’d actually mist up writing this?

9 thoughts on “it’s in the refrigerator

  1. Chick has created most of the references we use today in basketball…

    Slam Dunk

    Air Ball

    Charity Stripe

    and tons more. Chick has been with me since I became a Laker fan in 86…His departure from the booth and this earth will be heartbreaking. I can’t imagine the Lakers in the playoffs without his voice.

    Its in the refridgerator, the door is closed, the lights are out, the butters getting hard, the eggs are cooling and the jello IS jiggling!

  2. somehow that post didn’t have my name…its me, its me, its me JT.

    And Marge is probably dealing well because they have dealt with more tragedy in their lives then I can imagine…they have lost all of their children in horrible accidents…its crazy.

  3. Hmmm. Well, I don’t know who you’re talking about, but that’s okay. Just patting you on the back, sister. Don’t mist up.

  4. i was suprised at my response to this.i hardly even follow basketball anymore, not like i used to, but there was something about Chick.

    he was kind of a poet, really.

    “the mustard’s off the hot dog,” “ticky-tack foul,” and “faked him into the popcorn machine.”


  5. The eggs and refrigerator phrase may embody what Hearn will be remembered for; a folksy but evocative description of the end of another Lakers win. But the thing that amazed me was the number of consecutive games worked…and people will argue, “what’s work? Go to a sports event every night, talk about it for two or three hours? That’s work?” Yeah, when it involves awful travel (remember, he started long before the days when the team had chartered jets), lousy food and all the rest of it. He did a good job, and that’s all the fan can ask. I hope he survives this.

  6. and what a class act, eh? been doing his job longer than i’ve been alive, been married to Marge for 64 years.

    and at 85, he was still keeping up with the schedule, the travel, and the speed of the game too. which is saying something.

    they say Marge is taking this well, i suppose at that age you are braced for that sort of thing, still. after 64 years of marriage — *sigh*

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