let’s do it again

there’s a poll up on the main page of the blogcon site, to vote for the venue of next year’s convention. i voted for New Orleans, because (even though it’s far from me) it’s a much more reasonably priced place, and still a party town. but always open for more east-coasty suggestions, as it’s only fair to alternate sides.

we simply *must* do this again.

28 thoughts on “let’s do it again

  1. Oh it CAN be expensive there, depending on where you do your drinking!
    But yes, we must do this again.
    And I want to say right now that I have had nothing to do with proposing NO, even though you could say it was the spell I put on those beads that did it…

  2. I’ll go wherever it is, but someone is going to have to fly with me. I need to be hopped up on somas and cabernet just to go into the airport.

  3. they certainly caused me to do weird things. i mean, gin? i don’t drink gin. i don’t even like gin. but there i was drinkin’ gin and juice. that is so unlike me.

    and now i’m craving a vacation in the swamps wetlands. where the bugs are big. this is also eerily unlike me.

    must be the voodoo.

  4. i’ll fly with ya, krix. no problem. we’ll both be whacked out of our minds, and we can help hold each other up.

  5. you could write in a choice. if you do, please leave a comment about potential benefits so others can consider it too.

  6. but that’s at Christmas, i think it might present a lot of conflicts to people with traditional plans and stuff. you know, like me. kids and all.

    it does look like wild fun though!

  7. Anchorage would be cool. Literally and figuratively. lol Type in the word, stacey and then hit submit vote. It should work, but I’ll go test it out right now and see what’s the what. 😀

  8. I vote for Honolulu, but what else would you expect? We’ve even got a convention center which isn’t used nearly as frequently as it was planned to be, so…the downside is I have only one spare bedroom. 😉

  9. I’ve never been to New Orleans, but I hear it is a pretty cool place. I would think of attending if it was held there. I propose Jamaica for one in the not too distant future, I’m sure that you people from the States who have never visited our island would have a blast! It would be truly IRIE (GOOD).

  10. Anchorage would be damn cool! i haven’t been there in 12 years (i grew up there). but i probably won’t vote, because i don’t really care where the hell we meet, as long as we meet. i’ll bet that we could even have fun in Utah…

  11. expensive as all hell. lodging is high, prices are high. trust me i’d love to have it driving distance again. but SF is waaaay expensive.

  12. New Orleans is really pretty expensive. If one of our priorities is finding a place that’s affordable, i really don’t think that N.O. qualifies. Basically any place that is a massively popular tourist attraction won’t be all that affordable.

  13. well, we could always do San Diego… there’s beaches closeby, there’s Tijuana… and Vegas is a fairly short drive in case anyone wants to get married by Elvis again.

  14. for that matter, Ventura is nice, the holiday inn on the beach is lovely and we can get good rates off-season (doesn’t matter, there are no seasons, it’s 75 degrees and partly cloudy all year ’round) and we have bazillions of things to do.

  15. *puts on Prince wig*
    I don’t care where we go,
    I don’t care what we do.
    I don’t care pretty baby,
    just take me with you!

    I’m ready to go NOW.

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