making do with what i’ve got, or not

i’m suffering a horrible case of photo backup. i haven’t been able to get pictures out of my camera for a week, and i’ve had to use the little preview screen and the delete button to pick and choose, so i won’t be wandering the world with a full memory card. sure as hell, the greatest photo-ops happen when you have no way of taking the picture, you know?

so i plugged it into the linux box and used the very interesting looking but not entirely functional gPhoto. which shows every other thumbnail, and the presence or absence of a thumbnail is no indicator of whether it can pull a full sized photo off the camera. very mysterious.

and i can’t actually get it to save pictures i can open with the gimp. then again i haven’t read the instructions. i looked them, glazed over a bit, and decided i needed to go to bed really early tonight.

having a digicam and no way to upload the pictures is a little like having cigarettes but no lighter. (digression alert) i remember one time it was really late at night and i had no matches and nothing was open and so i discovered that if you set a piece of paper on fire with the toaster elements, you can sometimes get a cigarette lit. oh. and. do *not* try that at home, kiddies.


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  1. oh, i’m getting along ok with the gimp. the gimp can’t open the pictures because they’re… faulty, i believe. it’s that weirdo cam software. and me being too tired to grok *any* sort of instructions right now.

  2. Hey, related and unrelated: I finally got around to sticking that Redmond Linux distro you’re using on a box (the new toy!) and found out it looks like it’s Caldera based. So if you need a resource, Brian and Tom’s Linux Book is all about that distro!

    …and since I’m throwing linkage around, I keep that type of stuff (and all sorts of other weird stuff) over on Whitenoise for the geeks in the crowd.

  3. Will KD return to the evil world of Microshaft so that she can once again communicate with her camera, or will she take the Red Road, going off in search of adventure, either writing her own software to communicate with it or scouring the net to find the appropriate software to do so? Tune in next week for the the answer to these and other mysteries here on

  4. I’ve lit plenty of cigs off the heating element of electric stoves. I also find hitting the streets and asking strangers for a light is a great way to make new friends. 😉

  5. Chuck — some of the pictures i need to download *are* microwaved AOL CDs!! ack!

    and jadedju, this was the middle of the night in downtown ventura. not the scariest place in the world but the only people out at that hour … well, not the sort you want to be bumming a light off of.

    it really was a horribly helpless feeling. cigarettes and no matches.

  6. Okay. I can’t claim to understand everything you just said, but I do get the gist of it and man, kd, that sucks.

    And if you have a gas stove, you can light your cigarette off that, too. Coincedentally, you can light a cigarette off of an electric stove, too. Just get the burner nice and hot and put the end of the cig. on there for a bit and it will light right up. (I used to smoke…sigh…)

  7. Frighteningly enough I don’t think it ever occurred to me to light a piece of paper on the gas stove burner instead of holding my hair back from my forehead with one hand (eyebrows raised as far as I could get them) and leaning in to light the cigarette in my mouth.

    Of course I at least only did it when I was out of matches and lighter fluid like yourself; my parents, whom I learned it from, used to view the stove as one big convenient lighter and used it whenever they were near the kitchen and needed to light up. 🙂

  8. oh, and Cis? if i’d had a gas stove, i’d have done it, but it was a tiny studio with a kitchen-like room, in which i had a toaster and a microwave. the toaster being the only practical source of fire, really. i mean, i think you can set things on fire with your microwave, but … it’s a lot worse than burning paper bits and embers going everywhere. which is bad enough.

    actually come to think of it, i was able to stick cigarettes in the toaster directly — it was maybe a candle i was trying to light, so i wouldn’t have to keep sticking my nose in the toaster? hmm. maybe that was it.

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