maybe i should just deal with it

hypothetically: if you have a searing toothache, is it more appropriate to call (a) a dentist that you’ve never seen before, and don’t intend to see for at least two or three weeks to ask for something to get you through (the pain)? (it’s not abcessed. it just hurts like hell, and this is *not* the time for a dental appointment and all that that entails. i need time.) or (b) a doctor you have seen exactly once? a dentist i have never seen would probably want to see me. this isn’t really feasible at this juncture.

i hate asking for pain meds, no matter what. because let’s face it i like them. have i ever asked for them outside of extenuating pain circumstances? no. but for some reason when i ask i have this feeling that the answer will be “no, they are bad because they make you feel good” (i’m not making that up, a doctor really said that to me once.)

i don’t have any solid dr./patient relationships established. i’m not a doctor-goer. only when it gets really bad, so i’m usually there for something druggy. and that makes me feel like a druggy. and i have certainly been all kinds of druggy in my past, but those were quite different drugs and boy am i ever rambling.

and i have not yet been able to bring myself to make any phone call at all regarding this. instead i’m babbling at you guys. *sigh* i don’t make a lot of sense.

18 thoughts on “maybe i should just deal with it

  1. ooh. well i just checked my deductible. and … it’s going to be awhile. and this is major. and no dentist will give me anything to get me through without me putting up a big wad of cash. they don’t care that rent’s tomorrow and i *have* to wait i have no choice i just have to.

    they even suggested the emergency room. oh screw it. i’m calling my doctor. if he says no, i’ll just … i don’t know. that scene from castaway with the iceskate.

    god, what did people do back in the old days? oh yeah probably sit around swigging laudanum, rather than spend the afternoon crying on the phone to HMO providers that don’t give a shit.

    sometimes the old ways were better.

  2. ok and honestly i also just *can’t* go see a dentist on this short of notice i need a few days to psych myself up for that, ok? call me a wussie, i don’t mind. i could no more sit in a dentist’s chair this afternoon and let him poke in my mouth with a metal stick than i could like bungee jump or skydive or some other equally insane thing.

  3. some of my friends call me a frequent flyer…lol when i go the er, they think, ah here she is again, back for meds.. te hee. i only go when i need them too but i still feel bad about asking. sort

  4. ahh. a phonecall and some whining, another phonecall, then one to make sure the script was called in, means i can relax this weekend, worry about my dental-phobia and such next week, and just eat soft foods and lay around for the next three glorious days.

    happy labor day, eh?

  5. Bummer!

    The Labor day weekend is no time for a toothache.

    I’d say it’s time for the BIG ASS MARGARITA.
    It’s not morphine.
    But drink enough of them…’s close.

  6. actually vicodin will be fine — and you know how they say ‘don’t mix with alcohol’? it’s just because they don’t want you having that much fun.

  7. Vicodin and BIG ASS MARGARITA’S are almost TOO much fun.
    AT least, from what I could remember.

    Glad to hear you got something to help.

  8. I suggest renting the flick Novocaine. That will get rid of your desire to call a dentist for pain meds, and in a hurry. 🙂

  9. doctor helped. dentist? we’ll deal with that sometime next week. honest. even if the tooth stops hurting. really.

  10. Soft foods? Don’t I recall a mashed potatoes recipe from The Other Cheek a couple of weeks ago? I remember mashed potatoes from a tonsillectomy; bowls of potatoes or bowls of jello (I said or, not and). The potatoes would soak up the beer, too. 😉

  11. well, it’s only codeine, but there are lots of them! and a refill! i love my doctor, even though i’ve only seen him once.

    now i’m just waiting for them to work.

  12. what is the diagnosis? is it a hot tooth? are you having a root canal, asap? or is it just bruising/recession from clenching?

    either way, imho, he should have rx’ed ibuprofen for the inflammation and I hope you have treatment scheduled for Monday if not over the weekend.

    I am fierce about good dental treatment. Esp. in the state of CA, we have more dentists per capita than anywhere on the planet. No one with insurance needs to ever suffer through a toothache.

    Floss twice a day,

  13. I could have written this post. I’m in the exact same position as you. I have a bad history with one tooth and got it refilled last year with my doctor in the old city I lived in. It’s starting to hurt again and I scheduled a check/cleaning on the 9th of September. I hate going to the doctor, because I have to drive about an hour to get there. But, I don’t want to find a new doctor because I hate starting over and not having a relationship. So, last night like at 12:30, I called and asked for an emergency appointment. In about an hour I have to drive to most likely get at least one root canal (probably 2). The worst part is that I should have gone before the tooth really started hurting — the root canal probably wouldn’t need to be as invasive. (And, we didn’t have dental insurance at the time) But, I just fear going to the dentist, so I put it off. So, my advice would be to make an emergency appointment so you can avoid more serious problems.

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