mommy, i’m bored

this is what i heard about 7:30 last night. bored? with videos and playstation and toys and…?

… i wanna go to school.

ahh. well, that makes sense. take a kid that lives in a neighborhood full of old people and nuns, who is essentially an only child, and finally put him in a place where there are 20 or so other kids just his age, with fun activities and a playground and snacks and things and stuff … he wants to go there all the time now.

i’m sure he won’t always love school this intensely, but he is off to a good start.

and you know, i wouldn’t mind being in kindergarten myself right now. oh wait. i was miserable and unsociable and some kids once handed me a glass and told me to close my eyes and drink and it was sand. never mind that.

my son, for all his only-childness, has great social skills. he’s not aggressive, but he’s not passive and shy with ‘make fun of me and give me noogies’ tattooed on his forehead in special bully-only ink. *sigh* i must resist rambling on about this and get back to working.

7 thoughts on “mommy, i’m bored

  1. they even have that ‘everything i ever needed to know i learned in kindergarten’ up on the wall in his classroom.

  2. no, i live in the backyard of a large catholic church/high school, next door to nuns, old catholic people, and priest’s parents. i’m totally surrounded.

    also there is a large hospital two blocks up the street. old people like to be close to the doctor and god.

  3. Strangely enough, I’ve been thinking a lot the last few days about him going to kindergarden. In a lot of ways it makes me sad because to be an adult and to be aware of our country and the world right now is to wish for the oblivion and carelessness of childhood. It would be so nice if things were simple.

    My best wishes and hopes for a bright future are with the little guy. I hope he has an enjoyable childhood.

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