name that blog

this seems like a really cool idea. let’s see what it looks like and if i can find a place to make this a regular feature here somewhere. maybe down in that area of the sidebar where stuff gets kinda messy anyway?

here ’tis:

[note: to play, click the blog name you think is the answer. it will pop up a pop up]

15 thoughts on “name that blog

  1. it might rotate things on a time basis. maybe it changes at regular intervals.

    it does tell you the answer once you click. and you can visit the various blogs on the list. which is kinda cool.

  2. apparently i did. it’s pulling from the ‘excerpt’ field which i always put something weird in. so i may have to start putting actual lines from the actual entries in the box. in the meantime, it’ll be hard to get the kd:blog answers unless you mouseover all the entry titles in the ‘recently posted list’.

  3. ooh! i fixed it! i changed my XML template to use the entry body instead of the excerpt, so no more obscure excerpt quotes from me!

    and there it is in the sidebar, i do like this game.

  4. It is on a time-based interval. Right now I have it set for every 15 minutes, but I may fiddle with that or find a way to have it change on reload/refresh… we’ll see.

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