one of those days

by which i mean, a better day. kinda surprised by how well things went. in the morning first thing we had a grief counselor/pastor kinda guy and a group snifflefest (well everyone but me, i only cry when it’s inappropriate to do so). then client meeting that lasted for hours in which things went entirely well. and then a company-wide lunch thingy. which i usually avoid.

in fact i never say much to anybody but today i made the effort to ask people how they were holding up. i congratulated the guy that proposed to his g/f on monday night after having thoughts about wasting time in life. i am going to keep working on this. and stop avoiding the picnics and the xmas parties and the like. maybe. well, we’ll see.

in any case, it was a better day.

* * *

oh … you know that Jessica was burglarized on monday, monday was *the* bad day, apparently, and her (incredible) CD collection, along with jewelry, boots, and purses (my god. the monsters that would do that. you know?). not just valuables, but treasures. that’s so evil. in any case, she has a wishlist set up, and we can help her get that collection back together.

4 thoughts on “one of those days

  1. I know what you are referring to about aviodance of luncheons and Xmas parties. I must admit that in my little Unit we are quite closely knitted and get along with each other fairly well, but I understand your sentiment. Not everyone gets along well or feels to interact on a social level with the people that they work with. Some people can really work with pricks that they would rather avoid. I’m glad I don’t have any of those around me. Wish the guy who has proposed all the best when they get married.

  2. Hooray for the newly afianced! (sp?)
    That’s a great way to channel anxiety.

    Thanks for your support and helpfulness with my own little crisis. It’s really appreciated. I’m going to make the mother of all mix cd sets when I recover from all this, dedicated you and Melly and others that are helping turn this stupid disaster into a lovefest.

    ‘Cause what is adversity but a cold hard backdrop against which to contrast all the good that there is/can be?

    It sounds like the bosses at work handled your coworker’s exit as well as can be hoped for. That’s so nice that his personal event sort of catalysed others’ processes.

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