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first of all, i’ve really been enjoying the ongoing discussion here regarding the song ‘Hallelujah’. lots of interesting facts contributed.

the site that spawned me spawning my own blog, surreally dot com, has been quite enjoyable lately, we have a new aussie, and i couldn’t be happier about the posts and the general sense of camaraderie over there. surreally will be two years old on september 10th.

need blogspace? surreally.org is open and operational. email me if you are interested.

it’s been five years today (princess diana) and still i get sniffly if i think too much about it.

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  1. 5 years already. damn

    I was in West Virginia at the time visiting my Nan, for the first time since my Pop had died ( which was the June before on my birthday, of all days). It was a rough trip for me.

    We were all watching it on the news. I went upstairs to pee…and heard my aunt come into the house. There was lots of commotion. I come downstairs and my Nan is hysterical. My cousin Kelly had just been in an accident. That is all we knew. By the next morning she had been rushed into emergency surgery for a torn aorta. The doc said if she had so much as sneezed it would have been all over for her. She was a very lucky gal.

    If I am not mistaken, that is what killed Diana, a ruptured or torn aorta…I could be wrong though.

    It was a creepy weekend at best….

    I liked Diana. I have much disdain for Charles. Always have. I was a kid when they got married, and even then something didn’t seem right to me.

    And..what an ugly bastard LOL. I know looks aren’t eveything. If they were, I would be alone! *snort*

    But still, there are only 2 people so far on this planet that I find it is painful to look at them, and that is Prince Charles and good ol’ Mike Jackson..


  2. chris had a similar injury in a motorcycle accident at age 16 or so. what saved him (he did die three times on the table) was there was a trauma surgeon convention at the hospital that was two minutes away from the accident site. they just scooped him up and got him to the hospital. maybe diana would have lived if they’d done the same with her? who’s to say.

    i’m glad your cousin Kelly made it, that sounds terrifying.

  3. i know…i am not a royal watcher…but this anniversary always gets to me. i was moving out of the apartment after the worst breakup of my life the weekend that she was killed…i just remember sitting in my new apartment, with no furniture, just a tv…watching the coverage and the funeral.
    i only have to see the picture of her greeting her sons with open arms (it was a pic that was shipboard, somewhere, in happier times) and i just cry.

  4. It’s lame, but I get angry. Angry that the news only mentions the fact that they were being chased by the papparazzi. Nothing about the driver being drunk.

    It’s a personal issue. I’ll get over it. I had just thought, maybe what could come of this, would be that people would see no one is immune. No one can guarantee they’ll get home safely. Not even royalty.

  5. honest i should have given diana her own whole post. but i just didn’t want to get into the whole thing, suffice to say i was devastated by her death, i was just … so fond of her. i guess the vulnerability, the way she struggled through things like the bulimia and hurting herself, and came through so strong.

    and she was a great mom. and she did great things for AIDS and for sick kids — do you know when she couldn’t sleep, she’d toss on some jeans and head out to the pediatric ward of the hospital, to comfort kids that couldn’t sleep? and for land mines victims, and … she was a good person.

  6. The driver’s family is suing to clear his name. They say he was not drunk. And, Dodi’s father is saying they were murdered because they were going to be married and they (the royals) could not have the mother of the future king married to a Muslim. I wonder what the truth is and if anyone (the rest of us) will ever know.

  7. I notice that several commenters remember plainly what happened to them on that day. I am no different. The security guard at the apartment complex I lived in at the time was shot to death the same night… That was pretty awful.

    And yes, she was a great person, and I do miss her…

  8. I still get all mushy and sappy when I think about it. She was a great woman who lived through a lot of pain, and when she seemed to be at a happy point finally, her life was cut short.

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