relieving nervous tension

i’m all atwitter knowing that batgrl is actually in vegas. right this very minute. so i’m supposed to be concentrating but i’m not. no way. can’t be done. so i surf a little, and find this at michele’s: Action Figures Alive. observe standard food/beverage precautions before proceeding to her site.

8 thoughts on “relieving nervous tension

  1. It is killing me that I have to wait for tonight to have someone to run around with and say “look at that, isn’t that fun!” or “look at that – you know that costs more than it’s worth!” (that last one is a favorite refrain of mine!)
    And you’re gonna be dead tired when you get in and are just gonna wanna crash, aren’t you? Oh well. There’s one 24 hour restaurant, but I think it’s kinda pricey. But we’ll worry about that when you show up. Maybe just wait til breakfast and pig out then. What time are you going to pick up Jilly?

  2. Jilly arrives just before 8AM. i’m sure i will be exhausted but wired when i get there, so it’s quite possible we could be bopping around till the wee hours, not that that’s wise, but …

    in my head i’m thinking, i’ll sleep when i get there, but that’s only one theory.

  3. ok, the answer to that is yes. however. i fear most people link ‘’ and would have to link to the actual URL ( in order for the updating to show up. i believe Jilly had this same issue with people linking to a different version of her URL. is just a forwarder.

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