santa monica

the epic skits has proposed a blogger-meeting type thingy, just the remedy for those of us aching to have another blogcon, and a good introduction to the goodness that happens when bloggers convene, for those who couldn’t make it to vegas.

here are the details. i will be there, if at all humanly possible, probably with my kid tagging along like last time. santa monica!

8 thoughts on “santa monica

  1. It’s going to be a blast. 😀 I’m looking forward to seeing the BlogConners again, but also can’t wait to meet the newbies. (not newbies in the sense of blogging, but newbies in the sense that they are new to ME). hee.

  2. The only time i was ever in Santa Monica (I live in Minneapolis) I smashed my girlfriend’s Honda Civic into the side of the hotel we were staying in accidentally. It was early, I was tired, cranked the wheel and looked in the backseat for something. SMAAAAASHHHH!!! We got the hell outta there fast.

    Luckily the car still ran even though half of the front end was gone. had to bend the fenders a little so the wheels turned. We kept going up US1 and then back cross-country home. Then we parked the car in front of my apartment and the next day faked that somebody hit and ran it, and got insurance to pay for the repairs.

  3. Keith, you had damn well better make this one, it’s like, in your backyard.

    and stacey? you’re such an outlaw. i love that.

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