the most exciting news skits can’t post

because her son reads her blog. she got a lapdance in vegas. apparently, it did rock. and it made francisco so very, very proud. and we’ll just have to imagine what other effects it had on her hubby.

vegas did rock.

20 thoughts on “the most exciting news skits can’t post

  1. she said he doesn’t read blogs. and gave me this permission. we can only hope.

    skits is epic. between her and francisco, they are doubly epic. what a couple, eh?

  2. it’s ok if she reads it. just not ok if her kid does. she said he doesn’t read blogs.

    come to think of it, my parents didn’t even think i listened to pop musid (evil devil stuff) for a few years … so ya just never know.

  3. hee. They were real boobies. Nice boobies, actually–although smaller than mine. She was cute and blonde. Taller than me and really REALLY tanned. She was really very nice, too. She talked to me a bit before she did it. (just small pleasantries…I guess to get me comfortable) It’s kind of funny, because I didn’t really get turned ON by the dance. I think it’s because I’m just not–what’s the word? Visual? Maybe. It takes more than just looking at something to get my lust engine running. And since there was no foreplay, just boobies in my face, it didn’t do it for me. However–it was a total blast. She sat in a chair opposite from me and had me lay back. She was actually quite graceful, but she did bang my head a few times with the boobies. And it was kind of weird to have this woman crawling around in my lap and the chair arms. She apologized–she said it’s different with men, because they tend to like it “rough”. She said she’s always afraid she’ll hurt the women she dances for. hee.

    All in all…two thumbs up for the lap dance–every woman should get one-if for no other reason–POINTERS. I learned all kinds of fun and interesting moves. Which I prompty tried out later that evening. ahem.

  4. ahh. i can see that the whole situation had him pretty fired up too, i’ll bet that made for a fun night.

    i never really considered going to see strippers. but now i’m thinking, hmm, someday.

  5. LOL..Mikey, that’s ok-blog away! Aaron pretty much has no interest in other blogs…he actually barely reads mine. (it’s an every once in a while thing–I’m just not willing to take the chance on my blog.)

    hee. Thanks for blogging my big news kd. And double thanks for calling me epic. You’re a fabulous friend. 😀

  6. hee. He alluded to the fact that if the situation had been reversed, he couldn’t have done it. lol. Honestly, I think women are just comfortable with each other. It didn’t embarass me at all. For a night, I got to be a really cool wife. (ahem, not that I’m not cool other nights, of course. LOL)

  7. anybody who gets the stripper on is epic in my book. Had in been just a normal weekend in a normal place and I heard that whole stripper thing I would have went completely fan club!
    I think we should have gone to a strip club. Why didn’t we work that into the schedule between drinking and passing out?

  8. Aw, I didn’t get to hug you goodbye, kd!
    It was all way too fun. Soon I hope to get the energy to link to everyone I met up with – too dead now.
    Is it just me or has this Monday at work seemed 5 million years long already???

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