things and stuff and … other things.

Skits has put together a great new group effort — snark!fest. it’s not just a great concept (snarking about television shows) but it has a great ensemble cast. i give this two thumbs up.

wKen has taken up philanthropy.

and here’s Jon Sullivan as you’ve never seen him before, courtesy of Faith, who never misses a photo op.

Jason ranted about Jesse Jackson and in his next post, indicated he was looking for comments, disagreeable or not. a good debate is a good thing.

the other cheek‘s little girl got married. *sigh* there are pictures.

lots of other stuff going on too. just, can’t remember right now.

8 thoughts on “things and stuff and … other things.

  1. Thanks for the plug for snark!fest. 😀 I’m pretty excited by it. I knew watching too much TV would eventually pay off. hee. 😉

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