Sal is back from vacationing three weeks on an island, and has sad news of her dad.

Enzo the kitty may not be doing well. emergency good vibes needed over at Suzie’s.

there were other update-type thingys, but i’ve misplaced them mentally. i’ll update the updates if/when i remember.

· · ·

further updates: i got ’em posting poems at poemgen again, and that is great news and great fun. in contrast to the not so great news previously mentioned.

addionally in the updating, i am having some beers and about to fire up the cd player. i don’t get enough music.

· · ·

update to the update: all new poemgen posts will be fully commentable and pingable.

that is all. or not. but for now, for sure.

· · ·

final update: goodnight, Enzo, i’m happy Suzie found you, and so happy your last days were filled with love.

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  1. and if any of you poemgenners want to have your posts be commentable and pingable, please go edit them and enable those features. because it’s more fun that way.

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