wanton destruction of AOL software in a microwave and other stories

finally, the nuked AOL cds:
one · two · three

other: during the hallucinating / nightmaring / not-really sleeping of last night, my drug-addled brain entertained me with many purposeful plans for the day: leg-shaving. installing linux on the spare partition here. letting kid take pictures and starting his photolog (kurtwood.com is where it’ll be, eventually). the dishes (it’s been awhile). and um. buncha other things i thankfully can’t recall, i mean, way too busy considering the side effects of quelling the protestations of the militant tooth.

and you know what? i have such a polite cat. it was one of my drifting-towards-awake times, barely light out, and i heard kitty crunch-cruncing in the kitchen. then it was quiet, and i sat up to … i forget what, maybe water? and then he goes ‘mrow?’. he was waiting patiently by the door for some sign that i was awake. now that’s just sweet.

where was i going with this?

8 thoughts on “wanton destruction of AOL software in a microwave and other stories

  1. see, that’s just doing it per the instructions (5 seconds). it made spectacular sparks from the aluminum in the CD. if we’d gone beyond that time it might have been melty, but the instructions warned of noxious fumes, so we decided to go with the crackly pattern.

  2. HAH! You only *think* a mere microwave can stop the AOL regime from taking over the world!!!!
    (But hey, that’s a good start though) :0)

  3. Ooooh, nuked AOL cds float!!!

    Codeine does give you really phucked up sleep. And most women report nightmares with it (one of those dentists I worked for was also a pharmacology professor, on those long boring days I did a lot of research). The only thing codeine is good for, imho, is a violent cough. Blah blah analgesics / anti-inflammatories / favored barbituates blah. I’m so sorry you’re suffering; I hope this gets taken care of pronto for you.

    You are not yet having sensitivity to hot things, right, just air and cold things and, of course, pressure? Please scream bloody murder if you become sensitive to hot things, and get antibiotics if no one can treat you immed. Smooch.

  4. I have no experience with the pain pills, but (im)polite pets I know. My dog is of the “up and at ’em” school; breakfast now is her motto. Leaving food in the dish is not an option; if it’s in the dish it’s gone immediately.

  5. actually, the pain is not too bad with heat or cold, and even pressure (as long as it’s not crunching) is basically ok. it doesn’t throb, just steady sharp nervy pain. which would be connected to the general neuropathy of the whole jaw area that i’ve had going on forever. (amazing how when you’re in pain, suddenly you could describe the intimate details of every twinge endlessly. pain is interesting, at least while you’re in it).

    and kitty? he’s just cool. we have one of those big cannisters that keeps the bowl full, and he eats when he needs to. he’s a very low maintenance cat.

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