18 thoughts on “a little too much fun

  1. A CLASSIC! :o) C.C. hooked me onto that site several months ago…I made two of my own, then decided to run away, for fear that I’d NEVER STOP MAKING THEM! :o)

  2. Okay, here’s a question — totally off-topic (sorry, kd, hope you don’t mind). But I’ve GOT to know — what’s with the ping thingies? What does it do? Ping me back? Why do I need to be pinged? Is it a good thing? Will I want a cigarette afterwards?

    And no, I haven’t tried it.

    I’m scared.

    (BTW, I like my url. What do you think, kd — should I keep that one if I blog again?)

  3. pinging is a sexy thing that MT blogs do to each other. if you post a post and it’s about another post, you ping that post and people know that discussion’s been continued because it shows up under their ping thing.

    it’s incredibly confusing until you actually do it, no amount of explaining makes up for actually getting an MT blog and pinging.

    so yes, register that URL and we’ll get you on MT and you, too, can ping.

  4. I’ve made 3 movies this morning and 2 of them are about butt sex. I think there’s something wrong with me. I’m gonna have to blog this site. hee.

  5. yes, and please let us watch your movies.

    the other one i did was about obsessions about aliens. but i think i got the lyrics wrong. so i didn’t publish it here.

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