about time

well, i’ve found out how to get a five year old to suddenly lose all his energy and need to go to bed early — homework. yes, they do give homework to kindergarteners. mostly it consists of the things parents should be doing with their kids anyway, but maybe it’s come to this, that the school needs to send out instructions, just in case we ‘don’t get it’. lather, rinse, repeat, you know?

didn’t watch a mintue of tv today. not one. kinda wanted to, but, no time. maybe best that way?

it’s nice having work and clients and stuff, but having to actually work all day at work sure cuts in on my blogging time.

giving my daughter a ride from work to the bank to home this evening, old guy standing on the corner by the mall with a sign, 9-11 never forget, standing there waving a big flag with great energy. would have loved to stop for a picture but … no time.

sleep is such an inconvenience. if i didn’t have to do that, i think i’d have enough time.

i’m very tired.

6 thoughts on “about time

  1. I so much wish I did not have to sleep. Life would be much easier that way, I think.

    Homework. Often more work for the parent than the child. And now that my daughter is in 6th grade, that math is getting a little hard for her math-challened mommie (or worse yet math-allergic dad).

  2. My kid is in private school because when he was ready for Kindergarten, I went to the principal and asked what I should do to prepare him. He said, “Books. He should know what books are.” Um, yeah, we’ve been reading them together since he before he could sit up. Anything else? “No, not really.” Ugh!

  3. Or if there were like 12 extra hours in the day. I’d be happy with that. There was a guy around here apparently that stood on a bridge holding the american flag over his head all day.

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