allergy ate my brain

it’s iffy (i.e., some of the events may or may not be exactly, exact) without a brain in my silly whole head. well no actually it’s faded a bit, but when i arrived home from daughter errands, i had apparently driven through an airborne mass of histamine triggers, and i was in the grip of a violent allergic reaction. my eyes burned, i was scream-sneezing (actual conversation: him – do you have to be so loud? me – *mumble* AHHHHCHOOO. him – nobody sneezes that loud. me – *snoooooort* i’m not going to dignify that with what i happen to know about *mumble*. *manly burp*. him – nice.). anyway. i was thinking at the time of an ann landers or dear abby column about loud sneezers and it’s like, a condition or something. ok? so we have that straight. it helps.

anyway. so i sit down at the computer and discover a solitaire game and remember oh yeah, lycoris linux has a way cool solitaire but he’s got these cards that you have to recognise the characters on the face cards, and i’m all what? so i pick some cutie ootie widdle penguin cards, and proceed to play, sneezing madly and snortling and feeling for all the world like a mindless mass of snot. itchy snot. so i’m playing the solitaire and it’s this mental feat akin to championship jeapordy. suddenly i’m all about the strategy but i couldn’t strategize myself out of a wet paper sack with a sharp spoon, if i tried. and i did try.

and all i have to do is stay awake till 10 when i can call bobthecorgi who’s in torrance. i ask him where’s torrance? he says, past LAX. i say how far? he says hawthorne. i say, miles? he says, 120. i say LAX is only 50. he says it’s further than that. or is it farther. anyway, less near. so i’m all, well, it’s 50 minutes.

anyway. for a good hour i was verifiably braindead, but being home and having a beer and some breaths of fresh air, i’m nearly all nice and brained again.

how do people with constant allergies manage?

9 thoughts on “allergy ate my brain

  1. I spent about 7 years of my life sneezing and sniffling and being miserable from the moment I woke up until mid-afternoon every day, and all day on bad allergy days.

    There were times when I earnestly contemplated if it would help to cut off my nose. And I don’t know how many time I have banged my head on cupboards and other things when sneezing.

  2. sneezing is damn dangerous. if it comes upon you when your head is turned, you can throw out your neck. and it’s also very bad while driving. very, very bad.

    i used to have constant allergies but it’s not so bad anymore. i think being forced to live with a cat, and conqering that, my worst allergy, has helped.

    it also has to do with getting out of the house. if Dr. Suzie hadn’t had major meds with her in vegas, i would have suffered so much more — i was terribly allergic to vegas.

    maybe i need to get out more. like the cat, i should expose myself to more allergens, so i can get over them.

  3. oh! incidentally: regarding distances.

    bobthecorgi said it’s 25 miles from LAX to Torrance. i said 50 miles from here to LAX right? well, the total mileage per mapquest is 73.something miles.

    ha! might not be from here, but i know how far stuff is. hmmph.

  4. A box of Kleenex in every room. Actually, I’m getting allergy shots, I’m on a low dose of an inhaler I use every day and I use Zyrtec and/or Flonase regularly. With all of that crap in my body, my allergies aren’t that bad overall.

    There’s a guy who sits two “pods” over from me at work and he is the *loudest* sneezer I’ve ever heard. You can hear him across the entire floor of our office when he starts up.

    Oops, gotta run! Meds time. 😉

  5. i’m might be only 75ish miles away, but i’m afraid they’ll mow me down with machine gun fire if i try to leave without permission. i’m at a company-sponsored seminar where every minute of my time is blocked out. it’s like boot camp.

    maybe next trip (when i am in charge of the time planning) we can get together.

  6. Benadryl helps me cope with the day to day congestion. I have an ventolin inhaler as backup. I took allergy shots some years ago. They did not eliminate the attacks, but eased them considerably.

    Careful with that beer. It might be adding to your misery with stray pollen grains floating in it.

  7. Washing your face was a great idea. I’d forgotten how much that helped.

    Benadryl does help, but as you said it’s really for sleep. Nice way to knock yourself out without forming a habit, too.

  8. My allergy trio consists of Claritin, Rhinocort Aqua, and a Pulmicort powder inhaler. I sympathize with the loud sneeze thing – mine are loud and super high-pitched to boot.

  9. benadryl may or not relieve my symptoms — because who can tell when you’re sound asleep?

    and the beer helped. as did washing my face really good.

    there was a bad hour there, though.

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