asylum sand art therapy

this could take all day, but in an incredibly soothing and theraputic way.

* * *

and those lazy pervs continue to crack me up — the pool boy, indeed 🙂

* * *

one more thing: i’m taking the day off from having any opinions (well, that’s debatable, and could change any second, but … anyway) for the time being, i’ll refer you to Neal Pollack‘s if you’re looking for opinions.

12 thoughts on “asylum sand art therapy

  1. Boy, my mind must be sterile, where do people dream these ideas up? Sand art indeed!!

    As for the pool boy story, initially when I was reading it, I thought it was being authored by a gay man!

  2. Damn I wish I’d had internet access on the PC I had working as a plumber’s paper pusher seven or eight years ago….the sand art would have been one heck of an improvement over the dumb solitaire game.

  3. When I was in Aruba, I fantasized about my “jacuzzi boy”..
    He was Dutch, blond, 6’4″ like Hoopty…..tan…..

    Loved the Sand Art Site!!! Very soothing. Made me forget about the Jacuzzi Boy….

  4. sand art, such a happy thing. i’ll bet a patient and creative person could really make some masterpieces with it … me, i just make messes with pointy things, but i do enjoy doing that.

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