damn pushy mothers

so Marcy posted about how she thinks of my daughter as ‘the Avocado Girl’ because, at the restaurant in santa monica, Amanda whipped out an avocado and proceeded to share it, along with her philosophy on the raw food diet.

so this gets me to thinking. so i call her up and i fudge a little and instead of ‘Marcy asked if you have a blog’ i may have said something more like ‘Marcy wishes you had a blog’ (sorry Marcy, it’s in everyone’s best interest that this comes from someone other than just the pushy mom). and i’m on the phone and i’m on godaddy.com and what do you know? avocadogirl.com is available.

my daughter doesn’t do computers much, doesn’t even have one where she lives (but, there’s always mom’s house and computers, till Francois moves here and she’ll have internet at home). it’s totally impractical and she’s not even sure she’d blog, but i have the feeling my kid would make a great blogger. just got to drag her kicking and screaming into it. or do i?

i don’t know. i haven’t registered the domain yet, i have … enough domains. and haven’t even setup kurtwood’s photolog yet, though the domain’s registered and pointing here at my webspace.

i could easily fit another kidblog at kdblog, but it’s one that may never be used.

so do i register the domain?

20 thoughts on “damn pushy mothers

  1. I say yes. It’s not like it’s that expensive to get a domain. You could just always make her avacadogirl.surreally.org, too, or at kdblog, couldn’t you?

  2. Hmm … I’m in agreement with VASpider on this one, but I’d just buy the domain and then see what she decides to do. If nothing else you could use it to post stuff about her upcoming wedding, the future grandbabes, etc …

  3. i can buy the dot com and point it at either my webspace here (as a subdirectory) or a subdomain over on one of the surreallys. or! i could take away the thonblog’s subdomain, make it just a directory, and have two subdomains:

    kurtwood.kdblog.com (kurtwood.com points at it)
    avocadogirl.kdblog.com (avocadogirl.com would point to it).

    godaddy does FREE domain forwarding. i love godaddy.

    ok, what’s another domain? why not? see, i’m just sure that if she even started to get into this, that she’d enjoy being able to write about all the things she’s so passionate about.

    and VASpider, i know you know about that getting good bloggers to blog 🙂

  4. Wow, KD….when I called her Avocado Girl, I never thought about how cool that would be as avocadogirl.com. Hey, if she doesn’t use it, maybe I can buy it from you sometime in the future!
    It was great fun seeing you again….of course, we still haven’t had much time to chat….hopefully next time. You’ve got great kids….say hi to Avocado girl, for me!

  5. well, the deed is done. and i have the comfort of knowing that if the kid doesn’t decide to blog, well, Marcy will be quite happy with the domain.

    domains. i love them.

  6. Ooooh, I’m glad to hear you got it. Besides, the name is just too cool to pass up. Also too cool to pass up is the hope that your daughter will get into blogging, too. What a wonderful thing to share *wink wink*

  7. Great, KD! I’m glad you got the domain. I think the others are right — it’s a great way for them to keep in touch with family and friends.

    I would, however, like to take this opportunity to tell you about a little support group you may be interested in — Domains Anonymous. . .

  8. It would be funny and great if Kurtwood became the world’s youngest blogger! Everybody wants to see how life looks through the eyes of a kid again. I would think he would get a huge audience of admirers.

  9. well, i think there have been babies blogging pre-birth, i mean, and Melly’s son was practically born online (well sort of.)

    ok. so now i have the two domains.

    now i have to do something with them.

    ooh, wait to you see the avocado girl design. haven’t seen it yet, but i happen to know it’s going to just rock. she won’t be able to resist it.

  10. Hey, even if she doesn’t blog, she can post wedding pictures on a web site you build for her (snicker) for all the friends of the bride and groom, right? And that’s a selling point for blogging, too, it occurs to me; Fran�ois must have family outside of Ca., yes?

  11. woohoo! what a wonderful selling point. i mean, i can blog there when she doesn’t. and the French relatives can have a place for news and stuff and things and pictures…

    Linkmeister, you’re a brilliant man.

  12. Not me who wrote that post, and not my mom. (Uh, Mom?) The domains are awfully similar, but don’t worry, KD, I emailed you and just to reassure you that as a broke collegiate, I’m not anybody’s “pushy mother”. I’m actually skipping a seminar to jot this one down.

    Everybody, there’s always room for more on The Couch. Don’t let somebody’s quick defense (thank you for your noble intentions, somebody) make you think I’m a hateful bitch. I mean, I can be a bitch, but only when there are bears outside my tent.

  13. *whew*. i was nervous there for a little bit. the usage of avocado is different though — one’s a retro furniture color, the other a fruit (which is of course, the same color as much retro furniture but anyway) can you tell when i’ve been nervous that i babble, er, nervously?

    i feel much better now, and can go back to being excited about the domain and the possibility of getting my kiddo to blog.

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