every donut tells a picture story

so. i can’t say i never win anything now — last sunday, at blockbuster, they had this special deal where you buy a 10 rental card for $25, already a deal, and you get the monsters inc. video for free. well i said what the hell? chris rents the hell out of movies, and it’s my philosophy if you’re going to spend, spend wisely. so i got the card.

picked up the movie tuesday, free.

yesterday, got a call from blockbuster (message on voicemail) with news! i called and found out that by buying the card, we were entered in a drawing for a monsters inc. giftbasket. and … yes, we won! i’m such a girl, i burst into tears right at my desk, i did. just thinking about the awesome surprise in store for the kid when he got home. actually, we saved it for when i got home, with the camera. you know i had to record this on digital media.

the kid was soooo happy. and grateful. i think he said thank you about forty, maybe sixty, seventy times, this evening. he was happy, happy, happy.

and in other picture/stories, we have this skateboard-hosted rock collection i found in my living room: skaterocks. and you can never have too many cat pictures.

24 thoughts on “every donut tells a picture story

  1. Woohoo!

    But kd. Do you not have a dvd player? If not, you should borrow one and borrow the Monsters dvd so you can see all the lovely shorts and outtakes and company play and Mike’s New Car that I worked on. And play the commentary for Mike’s New Car and squeal a lot ’cause those kids are so cute and man wouldn’t Kurtwood be a great commentary provider.

  2. i do indeed have a dvd player, … in my computer. it has … issues. i could probably fix them but i haven’t really had the time to delve deep into hacks for linux things.

    so we make do with VHS for now. we have a multitude of VCRs (well, 2) so the kid and the big kid both have one. that works out well.

  3. Just seeing that smile makes me happy!
    Ok, so I’m not the first to say that, but it’s true! I always see prizes like that and wonder who gets them – and so I like this vicarious happiness!

    I do admit that I read the title and thought Krispy Kremes. But then Krispy Kremes sing an evil siren song and make me think of them with the mere mention of donuts….

  4. He’s so HAPPY!!! How wonderful! How cute! I’m grinning like and idiot, his smile is infectious! Dogdontpur recommenced I shout out a thank you for directing us to that fabulous movie making site! So Thanks!

  5. Thanks for the reminder… I need to go out and get the video myself. I know a little person that has been waiting patiently. Great pictures of happiness.

  6. I just “understood” the wordjoke in the title of this post when that song came on the radio. kd, you’re a genius! That’s funny, and I’ll always remember to sing it the right (kd) way.

  7. yay! i always wonder if people just think i’m completely weird, when i do stuff like that.

    not that i mind people thinking i’m weird.

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