working a little of that at-home overtime, had some pictures, and this feeling i oughta post something. randomly, i like hudson’s grill because i think that is an actual front end of an actual car sticking out of that there wall. one time it occurred to me that i should take a picture of the inside of my old glitter candle — it was lovely while it lasted, clear pear-scented wax with glitter. and not sure i ever got a good picture of my parents’ rig, so here one is.

back to work now.

10 thoughts on “filler

  1. glitter is wonderful. i have wonderful memories of glitter in vegas. are you bringing glitter when you come down for santa monica?

  2. well, it’s certainly roomy enough. not only that big but with two of those rollout areas. it’s quite excessive, they’re not rich by any means but they are very, very into their trailer.

    their rig is much nicer than my house. but my house gets better gas mileage.

  3. That picture of the glitter candle looks exactly what happens when you press your eye right up against a live fish’s eyeball. Try it, I’m not kidding.

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