goldilocks and the three toilets

so i came home from work and took a quick nap. woke up, went out for dinner and smokes and stuff, came home, ate my potato, and passed out.

dreamt about bathrooms. the girls’ bathroom had a long line for one stall but other stalls open. i wondered what was wrong with them, but hey, when ya gotta go, so, went in another one, toilet was really low to the ground, i sat on it then realized i didn’t know if there was something else wrong with it. turns out it was full of those seat protector papers, still, creepy enough. i wandered into another bathroom, it was all steamy because there were showers going too. i went into a roomy stall and was ready to sit down when a chubby, dripping wet asian man walked by, naked except for a towel that he was just holding around himself, it didn’t go all the way around. i apologized profusely for being in the wrong room and he just shrugged. back to the girls’ bathroom, where there was a bomb in one of the stalls. i quickly ducked into the next one and had this awareness of what it would be like to have the metal walls of my stall explode towards me, and how it would probably kill me. then i woke up. 11PM. went potty, answered some email, now going back to bed, wondering what will happen next.

13 thoughts on “goldilocks and the three toilets

  1. I’ve read some books on dream interpretation, and I think the message is obvious:

    You envy men for their penises.

    (Yes. That’s a tongue in cheek mockery of Freud, thank you.)

  2. Mature Pris guru says, “Stay away from spuds, it does strange dreams to the best of people!” Huggles KD, just wanted to say hello! 🙂

  3. hmmm,
    You had dinner, and ate a potato after that?
    Your nightmares reflect all this anniversary stuff.
    Metal exploding, asian men (who many believe are the next wave of hits we’re gonna get)
    I think you need an extra doze of SpongBob!!!!

  4. no, the potato *was* my dinner. just sour cream and chives. i was just extremely exhausted from work and nervousness and bad sleep and lingering tooth pain.

  5. Wow! I thought I was the only one who had “bathroom dreams”….I get these dreams all the time….always centered around a bathroom….usually a bathroom that I would prefer not to be in. What does it mean???!??

  6. i think it means you have to potty — the fourth search result on the ‘google it’ section of this entry, (scroll down) is about bathroom dreams.

  7. my question has already been asked! “you went out to dinner and then you came home and ate a potato?” lol. obviously, several of us focus on the really important points! LOL

  8. no, i should have been more clear — i went out and got dinner and brought it home. we rarely go out, we just go there to get food and bring it home.

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