good news/bad news

the good: the bazima chronicles picked best blog by the new york press. way to go miss b!

(completely unrelated, something else from my inbox) (boy, i’m on some subversive mailing lists)

the bad: the hospice raid and the war on drugs — “Last week, DEA agents armed with automatic weapons raided a hospice on the outskirts of Santa Cruz because it grew and used marijuana for its patients, most of them terminally ill. The founder and director, Valerie Corral, who uses marijuana herself to control debilitating seizures as a result of head trauma following a 1973 car accident, was taken away in her pajamas. Suzanne Pfeil, a paraplegic patient suffering from postpolio syndrome, was told to stand up and then was handcuffed in bed when she could not. All the plants were destroyed.”

uh. way to go? woo, war on drugs? get those potsmoking paraplegics off the, er, well not the streets, but you know …

* * *

updated: in response to the raid, which destroyed the crop for many ill people, city officials handed out pot right in public, as the DEA looked on. rock! (thanks to Jilly for the tip)

7 thoughts on “good news/bad news

  1. The cool thing in Santa Cruz is that last week, as a result of the raid, they had city council people handing out marijuana. The drug enforcement peeps just stood there, doing nothing.

  2. And just down the street, I’m sure, someone was selling a ten year old crack while his father broke his mother’s nose.

    Just makes you proud to be an American, doesn’t it? Those damned dangerous paraplegics couldn’t be allowed to puff on a joint for pain.

  3. oh exactly. and there don’t seem to be any potsmokers in the bush clan. alcoholics, cokeheads, prescription forgers — you know, the good stuff.

  4. The war on marijuana has no basis in facts or reality at all. Pot hasn’t directly killed anybody, and potsmokers don’t cause trouble because they are too busy eating Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and Doritos and watching television.

    And congrats to Miss. B., she does have a rocking little corner of cyberspace!

  5. you know, what really bugs me is that i helped my daughter do a report on medicinal marijuana when she was in H/S. and the things we learned — not just from the really pro-pot sites, but medical and scientific publications — if all the ‘pot is bad’ people would spend a couple of days in the library and searching google, …

    ahh, it wouldn’t change their mind. there is a mindset, ‘if it makes you feel good, it’s bad’. like at the Santa Cruz gathering, where the city officials were handing out pot, and some objectors showed up, one of whom said ‘somebody has to be the grownup here’. uh. what?

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