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there are any number of newsy-type social issues that i could rant on, and on, but i’m tired. i have more work-stress right now with this weekend-deadline project, and just no room for outrage. instead, here is something entirely fun and happy that’s happening:

the epic skits has started (another) new blog, one for her Sims. this started, i believe, when she found a Keanu Sim and thought of Krix, of course, and Krix and Keanu Sim were having the best time (she puts them on full autonomy. the first time i read that i thought it said, ‘full anatomy’ and i thought, woo!). anyway, this idea has evolved into the Blogger Sims House, and i’m looking forward to following along, becuase this is the sort of cool, thoughtful, simple pleasure type of thing that is a perfect distraction from being too caught up in some of the stresses of the world. and there’s something that just tickles me, about the concept of vicariously enjoying the virtual exploits of some imaginary characterizations of real people. just tickles me.

without further ado, i present Skittish Sims. enjoy.

6 thoughts on “happy thoughts

  1. me too! and imagine the wacky adventures! i can’t really have Sims because my windows box is old and cranky, so i have to experience them vicariously.

    it may be a good thing i can’t have Sims. i can’t imagine how much *less* i’d get done in r/l, having such a toy.

  2. yaay! I’m glad you like and thanks for the plug. 😀

    You know when I got this game, I didn’t leave the house for about a week. It was very VERY bad. And it seems like every time I get an expansion pack, it just gets more addictive. The Bloggerville neighborhood is gonna be fun, though.

  3. oooh! very exciting! i can’t wait for jocelyn to get home so i can show it to her … i don’t think she has some of those links. she is addicted to LOVES her Sims, has every cd 🙂

  4. I had to stop playing Sims, because it was negatively impacting my ability to parent properly. So, I’m glad that I can enjoy someone else’s zany addiction.

    I actually burned a copy of house party for you, kd…but I have no idea where I put it. I can do it again if you think you would use it.

    I mean…I was going to send you MY UNUSED copy of house party that I don’t use anymore because I don’t play sims. That’s it!

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