i hate the dentist

oh, he’s a nice little guy, and i do mean little. i tower over him and his little wife/office manager. they’re cute though. lovely russian accents and all. and they’ve worked on chris before, we trust them.

however no actual dentistry will be done till monday. and i’m shook enough from today to be working from home, since i can. besides i’ve discovered if i don’t eat at all, it doesn’t get excruciatingly painful. i figure i can live on lukewarm liquids tilll monday, it’s not like i’m going to waste away to nothing.

i’m going to have them pull it. i can’t justify paying more than twice as much to save a tooth that is in the back and on the bottom and nobody can see it anyway unless they’re peering into my mouth, and that’s their problem not mine. someday i’ll be less poor and i’ll have fancy bridges built and all the work that i need done, but for now, i’m going to stop this whining and get on with ‘it’ whatever that is.

sorry ’bout the whine.

19 thoughts on “i hate the dentist

  1. “sorry ’bout the whine.”

    If you served something better than Manischewitz, you wouldn’t feel the need to apologize. 😉

    Warm mead, that’s what I prescribe.

  2. Talk to your dentist about pulling it. In the short run, it may relieve the pain, but there are many more long term complications that can arise if you leave a gap in your mouth. When we are mad with the throb of a dying tooth, it is easy to think that pulling is the best solution. I’ve had sixteen root canals in my life (oh, I don’t want to talk about it) and all but four of my original teeth as a consequence. The procedure is, ultimately, boring and the results encouraging. If you want to talk more about what is entailed from the point of view of a professional root canal patient, don’t hesitate to contact me.

  3. it’s not the root canal per se. it’s the extra hundred sixty bucks i don’t happen to have, can’t get, and can’t get financed. so it’s this or wait.

    apparently this is standard dental insurance, and oh my, does it ever SUCK.

  4. Sometimes I think I would prefer to have all my teeth pulled and get implants. Being bionic could be fun, and ultimately less painful. I hope you dental troubles get resolved soon.

  5. In this day and age (and of course there are exceptions) I don’t think many dentists offer extraction as an option even if they don’t have some concerns over whether the root canal will save the tooth. Extraction can save the surrounding teeth, it can solve a lot of problems that a root canal may only put off til later. You need to ask your dentist.

    Having said that….it’s 160 bucks that’s the difference? Will they bill you for the work? Can you work that out with them? I’m betting your friends here can come up with a little fundraiser to help you out on this if it looks like a root canal would solve the problem. I hate talking about money and I know you do too. I hesitate to say this in public even, but I suspect you’d poohpooh the suggestion if I made it in private.

    Seriously KD, if it sounds like saving the tooth is an option, SAY SO. How many MT installations have you done for free? How much do you do for your blog community? A lot.

    You’re probably going to be pissed I posted this, but I don’t care. You’re a kind person KD and I cannot watch you suffer when so many people who rely on you may be able to help you out in some way.

    I’m talking to you people. Are you listening? If KD decides to ask for help with this, damnit, you better help! Don’t make me tell you a second time. We talk about community. We talk about friendship. Is it all just talk?

  6. i can’t do a fundraiser, i just can’t. and even if i had the money i’d be tempted to spend it on other teeth that are in pending distress and are more in need of saving. this is a second-to-the-back molar that isn’t visible and hasn’t been used to chew in months. and no, the dentist requires cash up front. and probably saving the tooth is doubtful at best.

    and chris is missing lots of teeth, he’s fine really. it’s an ok option.

    i am going to be spending mass cash on my teeth this year. as the dentist’s wife said, maybe i should get a better job. *sigh*

  7. OK, but you better not just be saying that to back me down 😉

    If you’re okay with this and that’s the dentist’s opinion, I respect your decision.

    Dental stuff really really sucks. I’m so sorry this is happening.

    But I still meant every word I said.

  8. OK, but you better not just be saying that to back me down 😉

    If you’re okay with this and that’s the dentist’s opinion, I respect your decision.

    Dental stuff really really sucks. I’m so sorry this is happening.

    But I still meant every word I said.

  9. a. Whining is perfectly acceptable in the face of tooth pain;
    b. You weren’t whining anyway;
    c. I’m with skarlet. If there’s a chance of saving the tooth I’d be willing to donate to the tooth cause.

  10. i don’t know honestly the chance of saving it. nice little short dentist’s wife was on me about being young and saving teeth, but i’m not that … look, i need a small car installed in my mouth right now. i can’t start being a bum and begging for money. i’m going to have a tooth budget and deal with it to the best i can.

    and i really feel like crap right now. i’m on antibiotics, and i let the painkillers that all have fever reducing properties in them subside, and i think i was feverish. i’m trying to save the vicodins for when it’s way worse than this (like it was last night. oy.).

    i keep thinking pulling it will involve less pain too. last root canal i had on that side laid me out for three days. and nobody believed me and i had to get pills from friends to survive and i’ve lost track of my friends with large prescriptions of painkillers.

    babbling. oy.

  11. Justanother thought from the expert on extensive dental work (including paying for it): I’ve been in the situation more than once (in fact I am in it now) where I was not able to pay just yet for the crown. My dentist fitted me with a temporary. The root canals are finished (three this go round!) and I am out of pain in the meantime.

    Another option you might consider is going down to the local dental school. The supervision is superb if you can just quiet your mind while the instructor tells the student where to place the drill.

  12. 1. good suggestion, i’ll ask about the temporary.

    2. do dental schools take dental insurance? it does pay half, you know, so if it’s not that much savings, i am pretty sure (with my pathological terror of dentistry) i’d run screaming away hearing an instructor say “no! NO! NOT THERE!!!”

    i’d be miles away by the time he got to the last exclamation point.

  13. I. Am. So. Sorry. kd. It hurts me just to think of you right now so please forgive me if I steal your pain pills and go to bed now.

  14. I’ve had lots of tooth pain over the years due to a completely bizarre jaw structure that is destroying my teeth every time I close my mouth.
    You have my sympathies.

  15. The worst pain in the world (besides labor, that is) is a toothache. Nothing you can do will stop it and you would be very happy grabbing hubbies wrench and yanking it out yourself if nothing else were available… I know. I went though all of that a few months ago and ended up having it pulled. There was not a lot of pain… in fact, I dont remember ANY during the actual surgery and the pain AFTER was nothing compared to what it felt like BEFORE.

    The worst part was feeling the doctor “shatter” the tooth. It literally had to be pushed out and it flew across the room! Hard to believe that my dentist is a tiny itty bitty woman and she used only her fingers!! Pulling the pieces out of my jaw was not fun, but again, no pain involved.

    I couldnt smoke or use a straw for 24 hours. Straw was no problem but I smoked at that time (THAT was when I decided to quit, btw) and I came close to killing hubby for a cig.. ok, not really, but it really sucked. Oh, and it bleeds for awhile. Mostly just dribbling.. not too bad.

    So far there has been no side effects (that I know of). No teeth moving around or spreading out. I am sure that if I leave the teeth (yeah, it was two of ’em) out that eventually my teeth will shift, but I dont plan on doing that. As soon as I win the lottery… hehe.

    Ask the Dr. for laughing gas – just be sure to bring someone with you to drive you home. That is why I couldnt have it… I had to drive.

    Good Luck!

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