if tuesday weld had married rick monday, she’d be tuesday monday.

one way to judge a monday, is how many times you have to return home on your way to work. i’d say twice is a fairly severe monday. like this: leave, remember need to return tapes, get tapes, get all the way to blockbuster, remember the game’s due today, make quick calculation of my hourly wage vs. late fee on game, decide to go back and get game, return game.

fine. that’s done.

so i’m on my way to work and ‘ride like the wind’ comes on the radio. for some perverse reason i decide i have to listen to it until i remember who does it. michael macdonald? it is, isn’t it. i can change it. but i’m uncertain. and then ole michael shows up in the middle of the song doing background vocals and damn. it really isn’t him. i decide to clear my mind. focus on the entirely annoying driver in front of me who keeps letting people who *don’t* have the right of way, have the right of way. lady, you don’t have to stop to let someone back out of a driveway, on a wide street with only two cars on it. people in driveways can wait till we get past. bitch. deeeeep breaths. who’s singing this song? finally the idiot-lady turns, after braking jerkily before signaling, and i’m having a semi-breakthrough. k – k – kevin? kenny? kenny! loggins! isn’t it? maybe? no. (it’s christopher cross. hey, i was close, at least phonetically).

still no word on why i would choose to mentally and emotionally torture myself with bad popsong memory games on a monday, of all days.

6 thoughts on “if tuesday weld had married rick monday, she’d be tuesday monday.

  1. I heard Bohemian Rhapsody and Hotel California back to back on the way to work today, and I thought it boded well.
    I was completely wrong.

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