23 thoughts on “i’m a blogging sim!

  1. hee. I saw the boxers, thought of Hoopty and had to download them. I just uploaded a house with some more blogger buds…and I’ve got two more in the works. I’m terribly afraid I’ll get better before I’m done. Then what will I do? LOL

  2. I feel so dirty watching you bathe and try on clothes. Of course, I always feel dirty. When are you and Melly gonna get freaky, or is that against the rules?

  3. I can’t figure out why they stare at the vase. They keep going back to it. hee. Ok, I’m adding hot tubs to all of the houses today, because, well…that’s when the action happens. 😉

    I never interfere unless I take them downtown (they can’t do that on their own) to get new clothes–or, like kd said–if they set the house on fire (which Madflava did yesterday–the screenshots are hilarious). hee.

    I’ve got 2 more houses to set up today (wken, you’re in one of them), and some updates on the current houses.

    Jilly, if there were a way to video feed this game online, I would sooo do it. All I can do is take screenshots for you guys. It’s fun to see the pictures, but the most fun is just sitting here watching all the little Sims have their adventures.

  4. hot tubs! cool! i have to watch the action on my windows puter, because that html page the game makes crashes this browser hard, but it’s totally worth it. i was cracking up last night, watching my alter-ego strutting around in lingerie and heels — to breakfast!

  5. I’m a bit concerned that Melly didn’t bring Mattie with her.

    Or, maybe he’s crawling around in the house somewhere, and I just haven’t seen him yet?

  6. she sets up her sims and puts them on 100% autonomy and watches the computer play the game. i guess she only interferes if they’re setting the house on fire or something. she assigns them a haircolor and a sign, and the game goes from there.

    and wKen, i understand those sims can get pretty wild.

    i’m wondering why everybody keeps staring at that vase.

  7. I’m not putting children in the houses…Sims make horrendous parents–if you don’t make them take care of the baby, a social worker will come and take the child away (which is actually kind of funny in itself)…but if I’m just going to let my Sims do what they will, I’m keeping kids out of the equation.

  8. really, look at the links on the bottom. i clicked one of them and it popped up this slideshow. i’d have to go turn on my other puter to describe it … ok, i’m going. i’ll return with instructions.

  9. ok: click on the house link. at the bottom it says ‘family photo album’, and that will give you thumbnails, click one and it goes into a slideshow-type thing.

  10. Okay, I’m over in house number three. But I don’t understand the Sims. Is there something I should be doing? Or is the fun (and there is plenty) in seeing what Skits has us do? I don’t geeeeeet it! (this has been a complainy type whiney thing, if you couldn’t tell)

  11. Hey, it looks like someone is ready for Sims Online. hehe, I haven’t played Sims in so long… hmmm, wonder what the Goths are doing right now???

  12. I know! I only just spotted myself in there 🙂 And to think, I spotted myself while researching my own blogger neighbourhood because I wanted to get back into the game, so I took the idea and the neighbourhood I have ready, and now I’m making the people. You’re in there with Melly and Bazima.

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