11 thoughts on “it’s today!

  1. I was going to blog about not being there.
    But Wendy took the keys to my blog with her.
    She’s going to get cotton candy all over them.
    And then things REALLY won’t work.

    So I’m going to go bug Melly.

  2. ya-a-a-a-wn… i’m so sleepy, but i am home… i had a wonderful time! but i didn’t take enough pictures!

    kurtwood! go to bed!
    amanda, don’t eat the aloe!
    kd! it was SO nice to meet you, you have a beautiful family 🙂

    and now, ratty is going to bed… gawd, i am such a wimp. i used stay up ALL. NIGHT. LONG… working days is phoooey. i wanna be a graveyard rat!

  3. Barring unforseen circumstances like an ELE, we’ll be there. I’m almost six foot four inches tall and look an awful lot like the fellow whose picture appears on my web page. I’ll also be wearing my favorite bush ranger hat. (That’s bush as in shrubbery, not as in our Resident, the Shrub.) Lynn looks like the woman in the picture on her blog. You have my cel phone number just in case. If worse comes to worse, you can ring it and just follow the tone that sounds like the beginning of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons.

  4. six foot four is good. i find it’s easier to locate really tall people. and i have your cell, and you have mine (mine just rings. i like it to just ring. i’m weird like that.)

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