life’ll kill ya

warren zevon is dying of cancer.

The dying cancer patient with a dark, dry wit met one of his doctors for breakfast last week and handed over his two most recent CDs, one titled “Life’ll Kill Ya” and the other “My Ride’s Here.” In his familiar baritone, Warren Zevon explained the gifts to the physician: “These are my last two albums. Maybe now you’ll understand that eerie acceptance of death you keep asking me about.”

his new song, cowritten by carl hiaasen, is available for download at

he’s 55.

4 thoughts on “life’ll kill ya

  1. I love “werewolves of London”…
    I enjoy seeing him on David Letterman, too.
    I just hope he doesn’t suffer too much.
    But he will be doing what he enjoys until he dies, so I guess that is somewhat comforting…

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